March 21, 2023

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The team officially announces 6 signings

The NFL’s new league year kicked off at 2:00 p.m. BST on Wednesday, marking the official start of free agency.

It felt a bit anticlimactic because most of the NFL’s larger free agents have already agreed terms with the teams on Monday and Tuesday. Those deals didn’t become official until Wednesday, but it was just a formality.

For example, the Denver Broncos agreed to terms with six free agents on Monday and two more on Tuesday. Since the start of the new league year, the team has officially announced six of their signings so far, with the rest to be announced soon.

Denver confirmed engagements O.L Ben PowersAnd QB Jarrett Stidhamextra time Mike McGlincheyTE Chris Manhertzlb Alex Singleton and DL Zack Allen Until now. Three more players – RB Samaji PerinFB Michael Burton And CB/KR Tremon Smith – You just have to be freaking out I’s and across Rbefore their deals become official.

The Broncos also brought back three of their non-exclusive rights agents to one-year bids: Corliss WhitmanLine attack Quinn Bailey and full back Jonas Griffith.

Here’s a quick rundown of Denver free agent signings, including both official and completely unofficial contracts.

The Broncos may have a few signings on their deck – perhaps including some inside moves – but the bulk of the team’s heavy lifting in free agency appears to have been done. We track all of Denver’s free agency signings on Broncos Wire.