March 24, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The social network opposes privacy changes

Fight Twitter He won another chapter this Saturday (5) with the Indian government. Now, the country’s authorities have issued a final warning to the social network, which is reluctant to follow the required new law Social media Identify users in specific news events. The law went into effect in January, but Twitter believes the rules threaten privacy.

The justification for changing the rules is national security, and it is much easier to investigate cases related to sexual content. For enthusiasts Digital rights, Allows standardized authorities to identify authors of important news on social networks.


The change implies that “social media sites are welcome to do business in India but must abide by the Constitution and laws of India”.

Imagination: Twitter

In practice, it empowers the government to order the removal of content it deems illegal, as well as for Twitter and messaging applications Share They are obligated to report the appearance of content that is considered inaccurate or dangerous.

Indian officials say it “demonstrates a lack of commitment to Twitter’s efforts and safe practices for Indians on its sites”, and threatens to have unintended consequences, including “loss of disobedience. Twitter. Twitter as a mediator”. .

Twitter did not comment on India’s request, but the company has been facing serious problems in the country of late.

The day after the ban came into effect, the social network raised concerns about the “intimidation tactics” of the Indian police. On May 24, police visited the company’s offices in New Delhi as part of an investigation into a decision by a ruling party spokesman to describe a tweet as a “handled post”.

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Twitter criticizes Indian police action: ‘Threat to freedom of expression’

On May 27, Twitter responded Surprising Indian Police Institutional Offices In the country, closed due to epidemic Govit-19. According to the company, the law represents a kind of intimidation and concerns about a “potential threat to users’ freedom of expression.”

As stated in it Tech Crunch, Believes Twitter has new addresses Policeman – as well as the implementation of the new IT rules in the Indian capital New Delhi – in response to the new Global Terms of Service Social media The network has also refused to block accounts critical of the reforms proposed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

At the time, a company spokesman issued a statement saying: “We want to promote changes in the elements of these regulations that prevent free and open public conversation. We hope to continue a constructive dialogue with the Government of India and a collective approach is essential. Protecting the public interest is the collective responsibility of elected officials, industry and civil society. “

Twitter criticizes Indian police action: “Threat to freedom of expression”

The social network claimed that the new requirements represented a dangerous motive and that it was contrary to open and democratic policies. The company was asked to consider a three-month compliance period in accordance with the regulations.

Oh WhatsApp also joined the field against India And filed a lawsuit against the new rules imposed by the government. For the messenger, the rules endanger end-to-end encryption and user privacy. In a note, WhatsApp said it was trying to negotiate with the Indian government to find a compromise.

India is the second largest internet market in the world and to attract more people, a total of billions of dollars have been invested in technology by US companies in the country over the last decade. According to Indian government estimates, Twitter has 175 million domestic users; On WhatsApp, this number reaches 530 million in India.

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