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Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys

The Seahawks call Geno Smith a starter

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll buried the lead on Friday night.

Carroll was about two minutes after his opening statement at his post-match press conference when he announced Jeno Smith He won a starting quarterback job. Smith will start the season opener when his previous quarterback Russell Wilson He returns to town with the Broncos.

“He won it. He won the job,” Carroll said. “The timing was wrong for us for Drew (Lock). He ran out of time trying this. I’m clear about that.”

Luke contracted COVID-19 days before his scheduled start in his second pre-season game. He didn’t start in Friday night’s pre-season final against the Cowboys but saw extended work.

In nine possessions, he threw three interceptions and one touchdown, and the Seahawks scored 20 points with Locke as the quarterback.

But it was clear from the moment Smith re-signed with the Seahawks that his job was to lose. He spent two backup seasons for Wilson and started 34 careers, giving him a head start on Lock from the first day of competition.

“Geno, he knows our stuff and he does really well and he understands it and manages everything we do,” Carroll said. “It will give us the best chance to play great football right away.”

Carroll told the team of the decision in the locker room after the 27-26 loss to the Cowboys.

It wasn’t much of a reaction,” Smith said. “Obviously, I’m thankful for this opportunity and thankful, but I have a lot of work ahead of me. That’s been my mentality from the start which is to get ready to go out and win matches. This is just one step in the process, but it’s really about winning. None of that matters if we don’t go out and win. The games we’re supposed to win.”

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