June 3, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The ‘red sticks’ are already ready to travel to India

The Spanish women’s hockey team traveled to Bhubaneswar on Monday to face two new Pro League promises against India.It will be played on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th.

As confirmed by the national coach, the Spanish Hockey Federation (RFEH) Adrian Locke announced the summons to both meetings, which included Florencia Amundsen, Jana Martinez, Laura Bombin and Maria Dello.Participated in three recent friendly matches against Germany in Valencia

The “Redsticks” settled the series with wins (3-2), 17th, and two defeats, after making their debut in the Pro League on the 19th (0-4) and yesterday (1-2). Month in Valencia against England.

In the first match, the Spanish team lost 1-6 to Valencia and in the second match, they lost in a shootout (2-2 / 3-2).

Invited list

1. Patricia Alvarez (Sans Complutens)
2. Constance Amundsen (Royal Polo Club)
3. Clara Bada (Mannheimer-Germany)
4. Sarah Barrios Navarro (Country Club)
5. Laura Barrios Navarro (Country Club)
6. Ana Calvo Corolla (Sans Complutens)
7. Becova Garcia Gr ((Country Club)
8. Mylen Garcia Colaraga (Junior FC)
9. Melanie Garcia Afonso (Royal Polo Club)
10. XANTAL GINÉ PATSI (Royal Polo Club)
11. Bethlehem Iglesias Marcos (GTHGC-Germany)
12. Lucia Jimenez Vicente (Sans Complutens)
13. Maria Lopez Garcia (Country Club)
14. Candela Megias Sanetti (Country Club)
15. Georgina Oliva Eicern (Jr. FC)
16. Beatrice Perez Lagunas (Country Club)
17. MARTA SEGÚ RUEDA (Real Polo Club)
18. Julia Strappado Carretta (Jr. FC)
19. Alejandra Torres – Quito (C. D. Cambo)
20. Laya Widosa Articas (Junior FC)

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