March 25, 2023

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"The real Wonder Woman!"  Cameel Vasquez chose the trial star by fans, while Johnny Depp wins the case  Celebrity news |  Showbiz and TV

“The real Wonder Woman!” Cameel Vasquez chose the trial star by fans, while Johnny Depp wins the case Celebrity news | Showbiz and TV

Camille Vasquez, 38, was an assistant on Johnny Depp’s legal team and was vital in helping him win the case against Amber Heard.

When the verdict was first announced, Camille was seen turning to her teammates with tears in her eyes as she grinned ‘We won’.

Kamil hugged her colleagues after winning the defamation trial against Amber.

A spokeswoman outside the Virginia courtroom said: “Today’s ruling confirms what we have said from the start – that the allegations against Johnny Depp are defamatory and not supported by any evidence.

“We are grateful, very grateful to the jury for their careful deliberation.”

Fans took to Twitter throughout the trial to praise the attorney for her work helping the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Johnny Depp 9111 said: “Camel Vasquez is a real amazing woman, thanks Camille.”

J9lovemax added: “Camille Vasquez turns around in her seat with tears in her eyes and a smile.

“She looked at her team and uttered the words ‘we won.’ Precious, priceless, powerful.”

C_h_i_a_r_i_a_ commented, “The most satisfying and heartwarming thing I’ve seen in a while is that Camille Vasquez got emotional after sentencing Depp’s trial. She really put her heart and soul into this case.”

Catmama_sam added: “Camil Vasquez, the fierce protector of the innocent, a warrior for survivors.

We love you.”

Johnny won his case against Amber as she was required to pay $15 million in damages to the actor.

The jury also awarded the Aquaman actress $2 million for one part of her counterclaim, which Johnny’s lawyer called the abuse allegations against her ex-husband a hoax.

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Johnny was suing Amber over a 2018 Washington Post article in which she claimed she had become a domestic violence figure, after she filed a restraining order against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

She doesn’t mention Johnny’s name, but says he was the implied abuser and that it cost him acting jobs including his famous role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny wasn’t in court today, as he was in the UK with Jeff Beck on tour, where his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss joined him for last night’s performance.

Minutes before pictures of Johnny appeared on Twitter at a bar in Newcastle.