March 21, 2023

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The PS5 Slim, which is only 2cm high, was made by a YouTuber

The PS5 Slim, which is only 2cm high, was made by a YouTuber

We all know the PS5 is kind of a beast in terms of size – whether you love it or hate it, the console is obnoxious, right? Given The constant shortage of semiconductorsIt’ll probably be a few years before we get the PS5 Slim, so he’s a hardworking person Youtube He took on the task himself. This is actually an entertaining and watchable video – for example, there is a lot of understandable information about the design of the original Sony hardware.

The goal of DIY Perks is to shrink the entire structure down to just 2cm in height, which seems impossible if you own a PS5. The way he does it is by stripping it largely of all cooling and building a new water system, which he then digs until it reaches a giant power brick that’s meant to stay out of sight. So, it’s cheating in a way, because it actually makes the system Larger If you consider the fans and the power, but we can respect the effort.

Obviously, when Sony makes a real PS5 Slim, it will reduce the overall power draw of the device, allowing it to cut back on the cooling components. But given that DIY Perks works with original hardware, we found this a fun watch. Are you hoping for a smaller PS5 in the future? Downgrade your system in the comments section below.

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