June 3, 2023

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The pre-installed Star Rail download is straightforward, and the Seele Trailer is shared

People can prepare to board the plane. HoYoVerse announced that the Honkai: Star Realm The download is direct, so players can pre-install before launch. Those looking to play on PC can get it from Official Website. For mobile versions, the app store And google apps Product listings are now available. As the iTunes Store notes, it’s a 3.3GB download. There’s also a new character trailer Honkai: Star Realmseele.

Here it is Honkai: Star Realm Preinstallation download ad. It also indicates that there is a competition associated with it. People can get pre-installed acrylic character codes, take a screenshot that includes their UID, and share it on social media using the hashtags #HonkaiStarRail and #WayToStarRail.

Meanwhile, here is Seele Honkai: Star Realm personal trailer. She is a Five Star, Quantum Element character who follows the path of The Hunt. It might also look a little familiar, since it’s a Belobog character here, there, too Honkai Impact 3rd A character named Seele Vollerei.

the Honkai: Star Realm The release date is April 26, 2023, but people can download and pre-install the game on computers, Android devices, and Apple iOS devices.

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