June 5, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The pilots tested positive for Govt infection and escaped on their way to isolation

(CNN) – At least 10 passengers have escaped from an airport in the northern Indian city of Amritsar. Govit-19According to District High Commissioner Ruhee Dugg.

The passengers arrived in India on an international charter flight from Italy on Thursday, 125 of whom tested positive, Duck told CNN on Friday after being tested under the country’s entry rules.

Amritsar Airport Director V.K. Seth told CNN that 160 passengers were screened and that 19 were exempt because they were under the age of five.

While the passengers who tested positive were on their way to the local hospital on Thursday, at least 10 people were able to break away from the main crew and avoid the authorities.

Police are currently searching for the fugitives.

“They had to go to the hospital, but they went home … The police are now on the lookout for these people and will take the necessary action,” Doug told CNN.

“There were a lot of passengers. They all said they would come to the hospital, most did, but some were able to get out,” he added.

The highly contagious Omigran variant is putting pressure on the country’s medical resources, which is dealing with an increase in cases.

On Friday, 117,100 new Govt-19 cases were reported in India, the highest daily increase in almost seven months.

Further 480,000 people According to data from Johns Hopkins University, they have been dying of Govt-19 since the outbreak in India.

CNN’s Sarah Spari and Isha Mitra contributed to the report.

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