June 8, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The number of cases will increase to nearly 9,000

(CNN) – India reported at least 8,848 Black fungus cases, Urges government to allocate more, according to data shared on Saturday by the country’s chemicals and fertilizers minister Drugs To the states and territories of the union.

Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Sadanand Gowda tweeted on Saturday that a total of 23,680 additional vials of #ambotericin-B (drug used to treat black fungus) have been distributed to all states / UT today, following a detailed study of the increasing number of #mycomycosis (black fungus) cases in various states. .

Of the 2,281 cases, Gujarat was the worst affected state with 2,000 reported cases.

Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Top last week said the state, which has recorded at least 90 deaths from the disease, is facing a shortage of amphotericin B, for which it has issued a global tender.

As of Saturday, Maharashtra had received an additional 5,090 bottles, while Top reported to reporters last week that it had ordered 190,000 bottles.

In Gujarat, black fungus has been found in at least one child. A 15-year-old boy recovered from Govt-19 was found to have black fungus. “So he had surgery, half of the paddle was surgically removed on the right side and all of the upper teeth on the right side were removed,” his pediatrician Abhishek Bansal told local news on Saturday.

Black fungus is a fungal infection that is on the rise among patients overcoming COVID-19 in India, especially in patients with diabetes.

Black fungus has been found in 23 of India’s 36 states and union territories

According to Indian Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Sadanand Gowda, cases of mycosis called black fungus have been detected in 23 places in 36 states and Union Territories of India.

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In early May, doctors in India began to raise warnings about an increase in mycomycosis.

Many of those infected are patients with the corona virus, or have recently recovered from Covit-19, whose immune systems have been weakened by the virus, or who have underlying conditions, especially diabetes.

In recent weeks, thousands of black fungus cases have been reported across the country, with hundreds admitted to hospital and at least 90 dying. Two states have declared it an epidemic, and the federal government has made it a significant disease.