March 22, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The moment a huge stage collapsed in India: More than 200 spectators were injured

The incident took place at a Pradeshiya Sabha meeting

In India Football lives with indescribable enthusiasm. Although there is not a single striking league where famous personalities play in tournaments, his team has never participated in a tournament. World CupFans meet daily to follow the actions of the actors available to them.

Although many try to observe the geniuses enhanced by the stars from a distance Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbabane or Earling HollandIn the domestic sphere, tournaments gather a large number of followers, regardless of the quality of their players.

However, thrift does not just happen in sports. Lack of control also rules security agencies. And the results are pathetic.

In the last hours At least 225 people were injuredSix of them seriously, then The decline of a bleacher During a game in the south of the country. The incident took place in the city, according to local police MalappuramCondition KeralaLate Saturday, when An upgraded Grandstand led under the weight of the fans, many of which ended up with fractures of varying sizes.

According to the local police chief, Hidayatullah Mambra, “Many children are injured.” The stands could not bear the weight of the large number of fans who filled the facilities. As reported Mambra, The accident may have been caused by the number of spectators. Also, recent rains in the region may have weakened the structure. “There was a huge crowd. The stand can only hold a maximum of 3,500 people, but it is believed that nearly 8,000 people came to watch the match.”, The official stressed.

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Police have already lodged a complaint against the organizers for endangering public safety and it is estimated that those responsible will be arrested soon. Regional football matches in the Northern District Kerala They are very popular, so the competition attracted thousands of spectators.

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