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The Mandalorian’s Mysterious Space Whale Moment Could Spark a Long-Rumoured Character | TV series

Grogu – aka Baby Yoda – always has a whale of a time whenever he’s on screen, and The Mandalorian The Season 3 premiere was no exception. Among all his sweet grabs that An adorable yet life-threatening hug, the little guy is back to his mischievous ways in no time. But there is one point in the episode where Grogu stops having fun, and it’s all because of those dang space whales.

Early in “Chapter 17: The Apostate,” Mando and Grogu take a trip through hyperspace in Din’s new N-1 Starfighter. Normally, not much happens in this light, shimmering tunnel (hence Dean Jaren taking this downtime as an excuse to take a nap), but with Baby Yoda still awake—probably because he’s hopping on his sugary blue feline—he pops out of his viewing dome and spots some huge creatures that They look like whales flying through hyperspace near their ship. It is an undeniably beautiful sight, but dread quickly gives way to fear in the presence of these dark and shadowy figures. (Hey, if you were really young, you’d be scared, too.)

space whales

Whether or not you got to know these creatures, it felt like a key moment in the episode – and those whales could indeed be particularly important, not only to Star Wars in general but also to Grogu himself. These majestic beings were first seen in Star Wars Rebelsformally known as purrgil, could herald the arrival of an important new figure in Grogu’s life – one who might give Mando a run for his money in the father figure stakes.

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But first, some context. While you can’t clearly see them in the episode, porgill whales are bluish-purple space whales that can travel through hyperspace without the need for technology. It is this unique ability that they possess that actually inspired the invention of supermotors in the first place. These creatures usually travel in groups, which makes them more impressive but also frightening to look at. An ordinary purgil is about the size of a starship, but a few subspecies have been known to grow significantly larger, even reaching half the length of an Imperial-class star destroyer. And that’s a problem, because hermaphrodites have an annoying habit of approaching spacecraft in hyperspace, which can sometimes result in death for anyone unlucky enough to get in their way. However, she is beautiful nonetheless!

Burgil arrives early The Mandalorian It is suggested that Ezra may jump excessively onto our screens even earlier Ahsoka.

Before Purrgill made her live-action debut The Mandalorian In the Season 3 premiere, they first appeared in episode 15 of the rebels Season 2, in 2016. Up until that point, space whales had only been mentioned in passing, but with their on-screen arrival, the whales ended up playing a huge role in the show’s final episode, helping defeat Grand Admiral Thrawn – the villain who gave Luke Skywalker is a cause for concern in Timothy Zane’s “Thrawn” book trilogy. However, these cold space whales didn’t strike him alone. This is where Ezra Bridger comes in.

Ezra Bridger in Rebel

A fan favorite since its inception rebelsJedi-Padawan-turned-rebel hero Ezra eventually takes center stage in the fight against Thrawn during the Battle of Lothal, set just days before the original Trilogy begins. In a last-ditch effort to save his home planet, Ezra uses the Force to ask everyone’s favorite space whales for help. He thinks Aquaman…er, in space. At Ezra’s behest, Onyx wrapped his tentacles (oh, yeah, they have tentacles too) around Thrawn’s fleet and leaped into hyperspace with each ship, sending them off to an unknown location. The plan worked. The day was saved, and everyone was happy, except for Ezra’s friends and viewers alike, because Bridger was also transported to a far corner of the galaxy, along with Thrawn and his army. The episode ended with the Mandalorian fighter Sabine Wren and Ahsoka Tano – yeah, that Ahsoka – Team up to try and find Ezra.

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Five years have passed since rebels The Season 4 finale has aired, and we’re still nowhere near finding out what happened to Ezra. Until now, that is. Alpurgil hasn’t been very forthcoming with any information yet The Mandalorian – they’ve been too busy scaring Grogu into revealing anything about Ezra’s whereabouts – but their live appearance here definitely indicates answers are coming. back in 2018, rebels Mastermind Dave Filoni revealed that Ezra did not die while jumping over space, telling Star Wars. YouTube channel that “they are both alive, both Ezra and Throne, I think, survived it.”

With the Ahsoka solo series about to come out, you might assume Thrawn and Ezra would appear there first. Ahsoka even mentioned her search for Thrawn when she arrived The Mandalorian Season 2. It is reported that Iman Esfandi will play the role of a Jedi apprentice in Ahsoka series, but the purgil arrive early The Mandalorian It is suggested that Ezra may jump excessively onto our screens even earlier.

It’s no coincidence that Grogu was the first character to see those space whales in live action. Where the purgil goes, Ezra will soon follow – and his likely arrival The Mandalorian It couldn’t have come at a better time. Grogu pushed aside Luke Skywalker’s mentorship in favor of Daddy Din, but he still needs to train as his strength grows. Who is better than Ezra? Just like Grogu, Ezra is a rare Force user found in the galaxy after Order 66’s killing spree. Like Grogu, he doesn’t believe in Skywalker’s rejection of attachments. With Ezra’s help, Baby Yoda can become a Jedi kick And Finding a way to balance his love for Mando without succumbing to the dark side. Ezra loves animals of every kind, not just French fries — so Grogu might have to give up all that frog chewing and turn vegan for all of this to work. now that would make Mando Season 4.

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