April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The Lions drew the match against India

The lion They already knew Pro league champions. In fact, they achieved it last weekend, When they trained at CENARDWhen Belgium defeated India. And the Argentine women’s hockey team is relieved not to have to fight for the title and win this morning Revealed excellent play against India In Rotterdam, by the deadline. It ended 3-3, but there could have been more goals from both sides.

He scored all three goals for Argentina. (UndMundoLeonas)

Augustina Corselani was the leading man of the national team. The defender scored twice from the penalty corner, and she did the rest from the penalty spot. With these three wins, he extended his difference to 11 at the top of the list of scorers.

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Argentina began to descend on the scoreboard, but did not give up, quickly searching for a draw. In fact, he grabbed the ball and tried to find gaps to create superiority within the half circle. Despite that, he had to wait until the second quarter to temporarily level the playing field. Then, he made little difference in the third quarter, but in the end the Asians firmly leveled the stakes.

The Lions were not defeated.  (FIH_League)

The Lions were not defeated. (FIH_League)

Beyond the tie in 60 regulatory minutesThe Lions failed to get a bonus point on an Australian penalty, at which point they lost 2-1.. In fact, four of the five players (Augustina Alberto, Majo Granato, Rocio Sanchez Mosia and Julietta Jangunas) were responsible for the shot. Only Victoria Granato converted her goal.

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This Sunday at 9 p.m., Argentina will close its participation in the championship: it will face India again.

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Undefeated yet intact

The last three results ended in a draw, but Australia lost on penalties. The reality is that the Lions are still undefeated in the 15 games they have played.

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