May 28, 2023

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The Leaky Soyuz spacecraft leaves the space station and returns to Earth in a rapid descent

A Soyuz space capsule that suffered a major coolant leak in December left the International Space Station without a crew early Tuesday (March 28) to return to Earth for engineers to study.

A leaky Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft blasted off from its docking port on the International Space Station’s Russian-made Rassvet module without any astronauts on board — a rarity for Russia’s space agency Roscosmos. Space Program – 5:57 AM EST (0957 GMT). The Soyuz will touch down on the steppes of Kazakhstan at 7:46 a.m. EDT (1146 GMT) about 91 miles southeast of Dzhezkazgan, but NASA did not broadcast the landing live. Roscosmos It was broadcasted live on YouTube (Opens in a new tab).

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