March 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The Indian index opens this March 14

Markets have recorded consistent volatility this year. (Infobae)

A day without changes Nifty 50It kicks off Tuesday, March 14, with a twist 0.15%Until then 17,128.45 points, after opening. Comparing the data with previous days, the Nifty 50 Add four sessions in a row.

Referring to last week’s profit, the Nifty 50 Marks are low 3.29%; However, it has still maintained a rise over the past year 4.79%. He Nifty 50 A 6.06% Highest this year (18,232.55 points)

A stock index An indicator that shows how the value of a particular asset is changingIt uses data from various companies or segments of a market segment.

These indicators are mainly used by stock markets of countries Each of them can be combined with a signature with specific characteristics In addition, some indices consider only a few stocks to determine their value, such as belonging to the same market capitalization or the same type of industry, or there are others that consider hundreds of stocks.

Stock indices serve An indicator of confidence in the stock market, business confidence, the health of the national and global economy, and the performance of equity investments and shares of a company. Generally, if investors lack confidence, stock prices fall.

They also work to scale Performance of an asset manager and allow investors to make comparisons between return and risk; Measuring financial asset prospects or building portfolios.

These types of indicators began to be used at the end of the 19th century Journalist Charles H. Dow. He carefully observed how companies’ stocks rose or fell together in price, so he created two indexes: 20 of the most important railway companies (as they were the most important industry at the time), as well as 12 stocks. Other types of businesses

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There are many different symbols in humanity today They can be grouped together based on their location, sectors, company size or asset typeFor example, the US Nasdaq index is composed of the 100 largest technology-related companies such as Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB), Alphabet (GOOG), and Tesla (TSLA). , Nvidia (NVDA), PayPal (PYPL), Comcast (CMCSA), Adobe (ADPE).

Each stock index has its own way of measuring, but the key component is the market capitalization that unites each firm. It is obtained by multiplying the value of the title in the relevant stock exchange by the total number of shares in the market.

Companies listed on stock exchange are mandatory Present the balance Its composition. The report should be published every three or six months.

To read a stock index, one must also take into account its evolution over time. Current indices always open at a fixed value based on share prices on their start date, but not everyone follows this pattern. So, it can be misleading.

If one index gains 500 points in a single day and another adds only 20 points, it may appear to have outperformed the former. However, if the former starts at 30,000 points and the other at 300 points, it can be obtained that the gains for the latter were higher in percentage terms.

between Major US stock indices The Dow Jones Industrial Average, better known as Dow Jones, in which 30 companies are members. Also, the S&P 500, which includes the 500 largest companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Finally, the Nasdaq 100It brings together 100 largest non-financial corporations.

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On the other hand, very important codes Europe is Eurostax 50, which includes the 50 largest companies in the euro area. On the other hand, the DAX 30, the main German index of the best-performing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; The FTSE 100 From the London Stock Exchange; He ACC 40 From the Paris Stock Exchange; And this IBEX 35From the Spanish Stock Exchange.

In AsiaMajor stock indices Nikki 225The Tokyo Stock Exchange consists of 225 major companies. There is more SSE Composite Index, is considered the most solid in China, made up of the most important companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Same role played Hang Cheung Index in Hong Kong and Cosby In South Korea.

talking about Latin AmericaYou have CBIIt contains 35 most powerful companies on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).. At least a third of them are from boss Carlos Slim’s capital.

The other is Bovespa, made up of the 50 most important companies on the São Paulo Stock Exchange; He Marvel From Argentina; He IPSA From Chile; He MSCI COLCAP From Colombia; He IBC De Caracas is made up of 6 companies from Venezuela.

Also, there are other categories such as global stock market indices MSCI Latin AmericaIncludes 137 of the most important companies in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Similarly, there is MSCI World, which includes 1,600 companies from 23 developed countries; He MSCI Emerging Markets, made up of more than 800 companies from developing countries; And this S&P Global 100Made up of the 100 most powerful multinational corporations on the entire planet.

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