March 29, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The gruesome murder of a tailor is causing tension in West India

New Delhi, June 28. The gruesome murder of a young tailor in the Indian city of Udaipur today has sparked tensions after those responsible blamed it on religious reasons.

On a busy street in Udaipur, in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, the man was beheaded in his shop by at least two people who pretended to be customers and entered the shop.

Pictures released by the accused show the tailor taking measurements of one of them before he was killed.

Shortly after the images began circulating on social media, hundreds of angry people took to the streets to demand action for the crime.

This phenomenon has again provoked tensions between the Hindu community and the Muslim minority in India, which has been particularly high in recent years.

According to Indian media reports, the tailor was killed just days after news broke on social media in support of Nupur Sharma, a former spokesman for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Because he insulted Mohammed on a TV show.

In a news release claiming responsibility for the murder, the Indian news agency ANI reported that the accused had threatened the Indian Prime Minister.

Ashok Kelad, head of the regional government, said “both the accused were arrested” a few hours later in Rajsamand, Rajasthan.

The perpetrators will be severely punished, he posted on Twitter.

Kehlot appealed to the citizens to remain calm, while the authorities imposed a curfew indefinitely and suspended the internet service.

Hundreds of police officers have been sent to Udaipur to maintain order and search for others involved.

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“Do not try to spoil the environment by sharing the video of this incident. By sharing the video, the motive of the criminals to spread hatred in the community will succeed,” the Rajasthan government chief asked.

Within two weeks, India faced intense protests in several states for several days in a row, dismissing the insults of a former BJP spokesperson. At least two people were killed and hundreds injured in subsequent clashes with protesters and security forces. EFE

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