March 25, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The Ganges flood reveals more bodies in India


The spate Seasonal River கங்கை Bringing to light Shallow graves And left Found Some of the hundreds Corpses Buried During the recent waves of infections Govit-19 On top of that India.

Neeraj Kumar Singh, Northern City Officer Allahabad, Almost said 150 corpses Should be Cremation In the last three weeks.

We did not remove any bodies, but only floating bodies were cremated as the water level rose, ”he said.

We believe that 500 to 600 bodies have been buried in the area for a kilometer, ”Singh said.

All necessary precautionary measures are taken while treating the bodies during the funeral, ”he added.

Most are believed to be dead Corona virus Between April and May, there was an increase in epidemics that engulfed hospitals in many parts of India.

Some families could not get firewood for traditional Hindu cremations, so the bodies were sunk in the Ganges or buried in sand dunes along the river.

These now receive annual monsoon rains, thus flooding the river, washing away the sand and exposing the corpses.

The total number of deaths due to the epidemic in India may be more than one million, but the official number is not nearly 400 thousand.


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