June 8, 2023

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The Future of Advertising in Other Languages ​​in India – EzAnime.net

It’s time for brands to invest in creating local language assets and landing pages

War Sahil Chopra

India is the second largest online marketplace in the world with over 560 million internet users every day. Because a market has a very different growth rate, brands are using all possible means to engage their audience with their respective brands.

In a country with more than 100 major languages, local languages ​​are important to capture the next billion Indian users who will soon be online. However, due to the intense influence of Western countries, brands have relied solely on English as the first language to communicate with the Indian audience.

However, due to India’s wide internet usage and access population, brands are taking quick and prudent steps to implement Indian language campaigns to strengthen their digital presence without limiting themselves to their designated audience.

A recent survey estimated that India’s native language and Hindi user base surpasses the country’s English language users and accounts for 75% of the total Indian users online. It is wrong to assume that non-English advertisements will end up in India as the statistics are clearly supportive. Instead, it is an open call for brands to release content that will attract local audiences from layers one, two and three and diversify their ads.

The spread and importance of local languages ​​can amplify the brand’s digital presence with relevant consumer-oriented content, as 90% of Internet users prefer to interact with brands that publish content in a language they are familiar with. As a consumer, it is a thought-provoking and powerful gesture for brands to lean on local languages. With the right cultural and linguistic relevance, consumers can easily identify brands.

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To gain wide digital coverage, brands translate their English-based campaign keywords into local languages ​​and accelerate the growth of Indian language SEM traffic. Some brands have launched call extensions in search bars to communicate with local visitors in their own language at call centers.

In addition to publishing content in native languages ​​to expand the reach of their target audience, brands should take advantage of this as an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with their users. For example, brands should focus on contextual advertising that can be used to deepen products. In addition, creating processor / website features for language-based content and the user’s language-based active customer service is another way for more users to join your brand.

A new and more thoughtful way is to engage with low CPA audiences and deliver relevant content that will make a difference. This is a great way to ensure better ROI and customer engagement. Transliteration is a powerful tool for creating inclusive campaigns with high user retention.

It’s time for brands to invest in creating local language assets and landing pages, making it easier for new Internet users to get used to the brand through online content in their own languages. By creating a comfort zone, brands should take advantage of gaining the trust of their users and building a long-term relationship with them.

(The author is the founder and CEO of iCubesWire. Comments are personal).

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