June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The future No. 1 in chess is emerging in India

New Delhi, March 3 The victory of 16-year-old Ramesh Babu Pragyananda over five-time world chess champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway is a huge victory for the new talents who have brought India back to the forefront of the sport. He dreams of bringing his country back to the top. “I am very happy (for success), it strengthens my confidence and I am happy to see so many people following and supporting chess,” Pragyananda told Efe, who promised that his “ultimate goal” would be to become a “world champion”. Ever since Viswanathan Anand won five World Championships between 2000 and 2013 – four of them in a row – Indian chess players have been pushed back into the international arena. Anand, the first Grandmaster in the history of India – the highest specialty of chess – fell from the International Chess Federation (FIDE) rankings and is now ranked 15th in Classical Chess, with no successor to your achievements. But Pragyananda’s recent victory over Anand’s ex-executioner in 2013, in a quick match of the ‘Earthings Masters’ virtual competition (15 + 10 format), highlights the list of young candidates submitted by the Indian player for the third time, more than the current world champion. India will dominate chess in the coming years. Became the second youngest player in history to become Grand Master in 2018 – now he is the fifth – 12 years, 10 months and 13 days, part of a generation that monopolized the highest places. In the junior rankings, there are five Indian players in the top fifteen. To reach the top of the day, Pragyananda (11th in juniors and 163rd overall) is training with emerging stars like Nihal Sarin (17th and 5th in juniors) and Raunak Satwani (16th) at Anand Academy. Age and 12th place), Thommaraju Kukesh (15th and 13th place) and his sister, Vaishali Rameshbabu (20th place and 50th place in the general category for women). Apart from Vaishali, 20 in 2010 and three in 2000 are on the list of 73 Grandmasters currently being held by India. Inspiration of the Internet The expansion of the Internet has contributed to a reversal of progress, said Pragyananda Grand Master and Coach Ramachandran Ramesh Efe because it is “a very useful tool for developing players in cities within”. There is no culture of chess “, and the best players have to stand up to each other without having to be in front of each other, as happened in the ‘Earthings Masters’. Players must not continue to advance “because they must travel. Europe will continue to compete. Only players are in first place. 50 players, Anand is only in first 20 places. With the recent success of his supporter focusing on developing the skills for the season as his core quality, Ramesh hopes that the media attention will attract the interest of the sponsors. With the assistance already provided by the Government of India, the player continues to grow. Because it is clear that this Grand Master Chess Throne belongs to his country, and he promises that “within a decade, a world champion will come from India”. The main challenge is to regain the number one position in the world and one of these young men hopes to achieve it, said Bharat Singh, the Honorary Secretary of the Chess Federation of India. To give them that final boost, the first edition of the ‘Indian Chess League’ will be held this year and it will face six teams of four Grand Masters in June – two of them Indians – two Grand Masters, a junior men’s circuit player and a junior women’s circuit player, the best in the world. It allows India to showcase the potential of its youth against players. Hugo Parsia

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