May 31, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The first flight with emergency assistance to India departed from Spain

The The first flight With Humanitarian assistance Leaves the Spanish territory to support it India Mitigate catastrophic consequences From the second greeting Govt Will depart from the airport this Friday Barcelona Going to Bangalore. Flying a Boeing 787 with essentials is a solidarity effort by NGO-led civil society. Open arms And this Vicente Ferrer Foundation Along with the chairman and pilot Enrique Pinero of Solitaire, he is in charge of operating the ship.

The aim of this first mission is to support FVF hospitals and other health centers in the country, in collaboration with the Government of India, whose health system is on the verge of running out of oxygen and beds.

The Berling 787 departs from Barcelona for Bangalore

Open arms

This response to the urgent call of the Narendra Modi government last week has the participation of several health centers such as Generalized and St. John de Du Hospital and Dowley Park. In particular, the Catalan government, through the Department of Health, provided 233 oxygen concentrators, 254 respirators and 260 ambushes, an item worth 709,000 euros.

This first humanitarian aircraft will carry oxygen concentrators, empty oxygen cylinders, finger pulse oximeters, ECPAP masks and CPAP devices. Exports will be completed with respirators, masks and protective equipment (PPE). As both companies have announced, this work, which can be repeated in the coming weeks, will be open to the contributions of civil society.

Humanitarian assistance

Open Hospital members load vans with emergency assistance to assist Indian hospitals

Open arms

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The Vicente Ferrer Foundation launched an emergency campaign last week “Oxygen for India”, Manages the Pathalapally Hospital (South India) in Anantapur and currently has 245 beds exclusively for Govt patients. At this center, oxygen consumption has increased from one tank every 15 days to one tank every 2 days. Incoming patients are increasingly younger and need oxygen from the early stages of the disease.

Ascenzio Rodriguez, Director General of the FVF in Spain, assures us: “The Foundation is concentrating its efforts on treating patients with the most severe symptoms in our hospitals. Let’s do everything we can.

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Oscar Camps, founder and director of Open Weapons, said the first initiative “promotes the integrated response of other events and organizations to create available resources to strengthen the response capability to health emergencies in the most affected areas. New shoots.”

India on Thursday released a new record for corona virus infection with 412,262 cases in the last 24 hours, in addition to the 3,980 deaths recorded so far in the country. Of these new cases, 18,972 FVFs are registered in the working and operating state of Andhra Pradesh.

With the latest epidemics, according to the latest data from the Indian Ministry of Health, the Asian country has crossed the ban of 21 million cases since the onset of the epidemic.