March 28, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The fight against Govt is affecting India’s war against tuberculosis

Struggle against Govit-19 Injured in the war against another major assassin in the country in India Tuberculosis. India accounts for a quarter of the world’s TB infections. Half a million people will die in 2020 from this curable lung disease Nearly two-thirds of people with TB symptoms are untreated, according to a government survey.

Pranita Dibre, in charge Tuberculosis On MumbaiHighlights: “The symptoms of goiter and tuberculosis are the same. We realized that people do not go for a test for tuberculosis for fear that doctors will tell them to get tested for covit, and then if they come back positive, they will be isolated. So this is the real problem they will never get.”

Number of new cases detected in 2020 Such places were reduced by a quarter Mumbai TB survivors help new patients overcome the disease

Seema Kunchikorve, a TB survivor, states: “There are a lot of difficulties that someone faces in this situation. I want to encourage and support them as I have experienced it. I want to tell them: ‘If I can heal, why can’t you?’

Experts and survivors say Serious campaigns to find new casesPlus Finance Support for the fight against vaccines and malnutrition.

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