May 28, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The community rallied around the world before the corona virus was out of control in India

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In the long year that the epidemic lasted, the eyes of the world shifted from China to Europe and then to the United States. Today everyone is in it India lives in an uncontrolled situationLooking at the number of deaths and daily diagnoses, it is a humanitarian emergency caused by the corona virus that no other country has experienced. The international community is mobilizing to help with this almost non-existent crisis – ventilators, oxygen, medicine, beds for patients … in developing countries. “As long as we are all protected, no one is protected” is the mantra they say.

With a population of over 1.3 billion, India is more like a continent than a country. Only one person has ever created so many daily cases. There were 320,000 and 2,771 deaths this Tuesday, slightly less than on Monday, but we can’t talk about a change in course. The overall phenomenon continues to rise and on Tuesday it reached 285 cases per 100,000 people in 14 days, According to My World’s Data website, Oxford University Database. As Fernando Simon, director of the Coordinating Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies, recalled on Monday, it seems that diagnoses are only the tip of the iceberg because the country’s diagnostic capacity is so low.

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In this context, Western nations are mobilizing aid to alleviate the crisis. The minister’s spokeswoman, Maria Jesus Montero, announced on Tuesday that she was exporting medical supplies from Spain to India. The EU is trying to coordinate the response of members to offset transportation costs. Brussels plans to send oxygen, medicine and emergency equipment to India “in the next few days” through the European Union’s civil defense mechanism, the commission said in a statement on Tuesday. The emergency mechanism was launched last Friday before seeking international assistance from New Delhi and will coordinate the contributions of various member states. Guillermo April.

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“I was horrified by the epidemic situation in India,” the commission’s chairman, Ursula van der Leyen, said in a tweet this Sunday. “We are ready to help. The EU is mobilizing resources to respond quickly. , Luxembourg (58 respirators), Portugal (Remtacivir 5,503 vials and 20,000 liters of oxygen per week) and Sweden (120 respirators).

The Commission hopes to receive substantial assistance from large countries such as France and Germany in the coming days. “We are in close contact with Paris and Berlin,” a spokesman for the social executive said on Tuesday. “The European Union stands in full solidarity with the people of India and is ready to do all it can to support them in this moment of crisis,” said Janes Lenarcz, the European Commissioner for Crisis Management, explaining that the Center for Emergency Coordination oversees logistics arrangements.

Oxygen is available for corona virus patients in Ghaziabad this Wednesday. Prakash Singh / AFP

The United States is also implementing aid The White House announced on Monday after talks between US President Joseph Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that it would contain oxygen concentrators, drugs and vaccines.

All of this help is “very much needed,” in the words of Gerardo Alvarez-Uria, the country’s best scholar and its health organization, the Vicente Foundation Ferrer as physician and director of the epidemiology unit at Pathalapalli Hospital in Andhra Pradesh. “There is a shortage of respirators, oxygen and medicine. It is a low-investment organization with fewer technical resources than staff,” he says.

Accelerate vaccination

India is in crisis It is necessary to expedite the vaccination In developing countries. Daniel Lopez Aquino, the World Health Organization’s emergency director, recalled that Kovit was “an epidemic”, so controlling it in one country does not mean ending the risk. One of the variations spreading in India is that the virus is highly contagious and resistant to vaccines, which can cause problems beyond the crisis the country is experiencing.

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Acuna also warns that inequality in the global vaccine could create “critical problems in controlling the epidemic.” Marcos Lopez explained to Hoyos EL PAÍS, President of the Spanish Society of Immunology, “The virus has been in circulation for a long time and there are more infections, and there are mutations that cause complications.”

Rafael Vilasanjuan, director of analytics at ISGlobal, a healthcare organization promoted by the La Gaixa Foundation, insists that “as long as the virus is controlled around the world, we are at risk.” “If the governments of developed countries are only interested in vaccinating their populations, they are really doing them a disservice,” he says. Member of the Global Poet Coalition, which coordinates the project Kovacs brings vaccines to low- and middle-income countries, Promises that this is the only way to distribute the doses more evenly, but calls on countries to start donating vaccines before there is an overdose. Spain announced this Tuesday that it would begin to do so when 50% of the population is bored.

India is precisely the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world. The Kovacs initiative lags far behind in the schedule because the country has frozen exports for its citizens to use the scale. “We are afraid that this will happen again with this crisis. We must avoid this kind of nationalism,” Vilasanjuan said.

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Kovacs has so far delivered only 52 million doses of the 2,000 planned for the end of this year, although this expert hopes that the pace will now begin to reach that goal, as happened in Europe. “It also requires financial resources. 6,000 of the required 8,000 million euros have already been raised, but it is necessary to obtain the other 2,000 so as not to cause any problems in the purchase,” Vilasanjuan added.

Despite vaccinating the population, countries are imposing restrictions to prevent the spread of the Indian variant around the world. “As is already the case in the United Kingdom, it is urgent to deploy whether a greater number of models are expanding outside the country. You need to consider a control strategy,” Acuna said.

Spain this Tuesday appealed to all Spaniards who are temporarily in India to “return soon”. This Tuesday the Council of Ministers approved the compulsory isolation of all people from that country.