June 6, 2023

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The calf with three eyes and four noses is considered a god in India

Cows are sacred in the Hindu tradition And is considered a symbol of fertility and abundance. For this reason, they are protected by law and, of course, no one can persecute them, treat them badly and consume less of their meat.

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But in the case of the Holstein Friesian calf born on a farm in Rajnandgaon, India, his divinity transcended this world. The animal with four noses and three eyes is considered one Incarnation of one of the gods of the Hindu tradition.

According to locals, its third eye, which seems to function, is considered a good omen of prosperity, and many believe that this animal is an incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva, known as the lord of cattle. Because of this, cattle can be worshiped in long queues.

Farmer Neeraj Chandel confessed to local media, “As soon as the cow gave birth, we thought something was wrong with its forehead. Until we found the eye with the help of a flashlight, we saw four noses.

The calf born with disabilities is healthy and has already become popular in the country receiving daily visits from villagers from different backgrounds. Many of them give animals all kinds of gifts from coconuts to flowers, bringing good luck to their crops and livestock.

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The villagers offer all kinds of gifts to bring good luck to the animals

The villagers offer all kinds of gifts to bring good luck to the animals

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Although the villagers strongly believe that the cow is a deity, private doctor Madan Anand has assured that “calving is another defect that has nothing to do with superstition and belief.” He explained Glass, And “People need to be made aware, especially those in rural areas who tend to worship these animals.”

This is not the first time the cow has been considered a reincarnation of a god and the people of the area are standing in line, which is why veterinarians in their respective areas are conducting awareness campaigns to avoid such practices.