May 31, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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The bogus Indian Cricket League is hoarding it from Russian gamblers

The world of cricket has been the protagonist in the final hours of one of the most surreal events in memory. Gujarat’s Mehsana district police have arrested four people for running fake cricket leagues in three cities of Russia and cheating the bettors.

The four leaders of the plot formed a rivalry of sorts They portrayed unemployed men as professional cricketers, who played their matches in a nearby farm field and their images were broadcast on camera and on a YouTube channel. Once the bait was made, these men accepted challenges by telegram from punters in three Russian cities: Moscow, Voronezh, and Tver.

Bhavesh Rathod, the officer investigating the case, said One of the four ringleaders worked at a pub in Russia.

The police discovered the hoax after they played the game 9 match cricket kits, match broadcasting cameras and loudspeakers seized near Molipur village Recreated the ambient sound of the game despite the fact that there was no public watching the game to lend more credibility to the fake league.

Additionally, the league was staffed with two dozen local citizens who served as players, two referees and two commentators. Players were paid 400 rupees (about 5 dollars) per game. Undoubtedly one of the most bizarre scams in the world of sports, in which punters bet this time.

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