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The Argentine Foreign Minister concluded his visit to India to strengthen trade

This content was released on April 27, 2022 – 11:02

New Delhi, Apr. 27 (EFE) .- Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro concluded his four-day official visit to India on Wednesday. And space projects.

Cafiero concludes his stay today in Bombay, the financial capital of India, where he plans to launch a radioisotope manufacturing plant being built with the participation of Argentine state-owned Invap and meet with industry representatives. From India.

Bilateral trade between the two countries has grown by more than 70% recently, and those borders can be “expanded by capacity in areas such as knowledge, technology, mining and food,” the foreign minister said. Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kaffir arrived in New Delhi last weekend with the promise of developing plans and enhancing trade relations between the two countries through bilateral agreements.

Argentina, a major exporter of soybean oil to Asia, also entered into talks to export sunflower oil, while India expressed interest in investing in lithium and technology in the South American country.

The Argentine Foreign Minister explained to Efe, “The bulk of this trade is occupied by raw materials.

Therefore, the Argentine project in India seeks to address the different cultural and educational aspects that unite the two countries and the political exchanges that the country undertakes in countries with emerging economies, Kafiro noted.

In this context, the Argentine Foreign Ministry stated that the two powers discussed the launch of the Center for Information Technologies (CETI) in Buenos Aires, which will receive funding from the Government of India and is intended to serve as an archive for the two countries’ high-tech projects. EFE

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