April 2, 2023

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Thanks to the subsidies, Intel will set up a new factory in India

A couple of weeks ago, India has warned the industry, Approval of an incentive scheme $ 10 billion For semiconductor and display manufacturers, they are ready to consider India as the next location for new factories.

As you know, The Government of India will bear up to 50% of the project cost for the new semiconductor and display factories.. Until then, at least three companies seem to have been interested in the semiconductor manufacturing project: Israel’s Tower Semiconductor, Foxconn (Apple’s maker) and the unidentified Singaporean Federation, but now all point to it. Intel would be interested To use this grant to their advantage to build a factory in the country.

It is known what Intel is interested in in India Aswini Vaishnav, Indian Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, after welcoming the Intel chipmaker to India through a tweet, may have revealed that the country may have already accepted the call to find a solution, without providing further information. Despite this announcement, an Intel representative said Business today Who has not announced any new plans at this time.

“Intel India is Intel’s largest design hub outside the United States and has been investing in India for the past two decades to accelerate innovation and design engineering. However, we have not announced any new plans at this time,” a company spokesman said. .

Intel is expected to unveil its expansion plans later this year, But all at CES, next week or early 2022, the company will announce its plans and the locations of its new factories. Until then, Intel has not confirmed or denied the information.

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