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Thanks to the search page overhaul, you can now search in comments on Reddit

Thanks to the search page overhaul, you can now search in comments on Reddit

Zoom / Reddit now supports comment searches, but that’s not the only improvement to the search feature.

Thursday, Reddit announce Overhaul of the search functionality on their website. Comments are fully searchable for the first time, and other improvements have been made to ensure more robust, comprehensive, and informative search results.

Reddit says this is the first time in the site’s 16-year history that everything from users to posts to communities to comments can be searched. Users can also search for comments within specific subreddits, allowing for more targeted searches than searching for a term throughout Reddit.

To access comment searches, click on the Comments tab at the top of the results page once you have typed a query into the search bar at the top of the website. Also, the search results page has a new look on both desktop and mobile.

Previously, users had to go through alternative methods such as going to Google using reddit.com to search for comments. Reddit says that this was one of the most requested features of its users based on a survey it conducted.

Searches are less restrictive with matching results – such as allowing different spellings of a word to persist in your search. Reddit claims to have improved the search tool’s ability to guess a user’s intent.

It’s also worth noting that Reddit has changed the criteria for ranking search results on your results pages. The amount of interactions a post receives plays a major role in how it appears in your results, which means you’ll see the most popular posts near the top.

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These changes appear to be part of an overall effort to make it easier to find content outside of the subreddits you already follow; Reddit submitted a file New discovery tab In its mobile app earlier this year.