March 22, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Tensions in India: The government has beefed up security in Kashmir following the death of a separatist leader

Paramilitary forces from India (Photo: Europa Press)

Indian authorities have beefed up security after the death of one of the pro-independence leaders in Kashmir was announced this Wednesday., Syed Ali Gilani, 92, mentioned the residents of the area.

According to these sources, the army was established Barbed wire And elevated Blocks On the streets adjacent to Geelani’s house in the main city of Srinagar Kashmir India worn by man 11 years under house arrest.

Hundreds of security forces have been mobilized And, according to the media, a Curfew. Internet access will also be disconnected.

Syed Ali Shah Gilani (Photo: REUTERS)
Syed Ali Shah Gilani (Photo: REUTERS)

From a mosque near Geelani’s home, people were invited to come to his residence, But armored vehicles and lorries patrolled the streets of the department, while police urged people not to leave their homes.

Killani, a relentless opponent of power New Delhi In that area Himalayas The Muslim majority, is divided between India And Pakistan Since 1947, he had been ill for several months.

He has been fighting for the annexation of Indian Kashmir to the Pakistani side since the 1960s He also spent ten years in prison from 1962.

An army soldier looks at the Pakistan-Pakistan border control line in the disputed area of ​​Kashmir (Photo: EFE)
An army soldier looks at the Pakistan-Pakistan border control line in the disputed area of ​​Kashmir (Photo: EFE)

More than half a million Indian soldiers They are stationed in the region, two of the three wars fought by India and Pakistan since the independence of the two states.

As the autonomy of Indian Kashmir was revoked in August 2019, The locally elected government was replaced by a governor appointed by the central administration, after which new laws were applied to the region.

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Thousands of people have been arrested under the law Public safety, Provides that citizens can be Imprisonment for a maximum of two years without the need for formal indictment or procedure.


Despite several attempts to reach an agreement to resolve tensions over Kashmir, both Islamabad and New Delhi are demanding full control. There is no peace in the region.

The latest crisis erupted on August 5, 2019, when New Delhi lost its semi-autonomous status to Indian Kashmir and imprisoned its 7 million people for months., With strict restrictions on movement, to avoid protests.

Pakistan has said it is violating UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir. He reduced diplomatic relations with India and suspended all trade.

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