June 5, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Tensions are running high in India over the death in custody of a Kashmir independence leader

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Indian Kashmir this Thursday a Tense silence, By imposing a number of restrictions throughout the region, After the natural death at his home last night, the Kashmir independence leader is in custody, Syed Ali Shah Gilani, 92 years old.

Geelani has been in police custody at his home in Srinagar since 2010, except for a two-month release in 2014. Died at 22.00 p.m. (16.30 GMT) to various health issues related to his old age, said nephew of prominent separatist Zakur Geelani.

Syed Naseem Gilani, the youngest son of the independence leader Security forces entered the apartment at dawn and took his father’s body to a place unknown to the family, unable to perform the funeral rites.

“Authorities secretly buried him”, Naseem assured, insisting that he knew nothing about his father’s whereabouts, A common strategy among security forces is to avoid a place where protests or supporters can focus.

Syed Ali Gilani (Photo: EPA)
Syed Ali Gilani (Photo: EPA)

A few hours after Geelani died, Authorities cut off curfew orders and mobile internet services across the Kashmir Valley in an attempt to stop an independent leader who had gathered in Srinagar to demand his release.

A police source requesting anonymity confirmed itRestrictions have been imposed and the internet service has been disconnected to maintain peace“In the area, and people were not asked to stay in their homes and go out into the streets.

Security has been beefed up in the Kashmir Valley, the only Indian-majority state in the country. Muslim And that’s what it is One of the most militarized parts of the world.

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Pakistan Dispute India Sovereignty of the region since the partition of the Indian subcontinent 1947, Behind British colonialism, They were released for her Three wars and several minor conflicts.

Syed Ali Shah Gilani (Photo: Reuters)
Syed Ali Shah Gilani (Photo: Reuters)

The Pakistani government has detailed the death of Geelani, who “fought for freedom”. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote on Twitter, insisting that he had never given up “despite being imprisoned and tortured.”

Pakistan’s foreign ministry, in a statement, condemned the Indian troops They will snatch the remains of the separatist, which shows the “fear” over the image of New Delhi.

funeral rites

Syed Ali Gilani was buried early this Thursday morning Strict security measures imposed by the Indian authorities throughout the Himalayan region. He was buried in a graveyard near his home in the main city of Srinagar, police sources said.

Indian security forces patrol near the home of senior Kashmiri separatist politician Syed Ali Shah Gilani after his death in Srinagar (Photo: REUTERS)
Indian security forces patrol near the home of senior Kashmiri separatist politician Syed Ali Shah Gilani after his death in Srinagar (Photo: REUTERS)

Her family said she was not allowed to attend Geelani’s funeral. The activist expressed his desire Burial at Srinagar Martyrs Cemetery But police sources said the authorities rejected the request.

Police acknowledge that they are security forces “They occupiedArrange burial, including funeral. The villagers said that the authorities had acted in this manner Fear that the funeral will end in silence.

Independent leader

Geelani was born in September 1929 in North Kashmir and became the best independent leader of the region. Separatist Front Made up of several parties: the Hurriyat Conference, until he resigned last year due to health issues.

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A Geelani, a staunch defender of the right to self-determination, was elected leader of his Jamaat-e-Islami party in 1972, 1977 and 1987 and three times vice-president of the regional assembly., But he resigned with the onset of the armed insurgency in Kashmir in the late 1980s, beginning what he called the struggle for independence.

With width Community support In the region, he is a powerful orator and author of more than twenty books, including his autobiography, studies on the poet and philosopher Muhammad Iqbal, or his diaries from prison.

According to Mohammad Afzal, a close follower of the Kashmir leader, The old man spent more than 15 years in different jails for his freedom struggle and since 2010 he has been locked up in his home to start an uprising against New Delhi.

Septuagenarian Abdul Razak, Another follower, highlighted the separatist’s deep religious beliefs “Throughout his life for the unity of Muslims.”

In public expressions of condolence for the demise of the separatist leader, that Mehbooba MuftiThe former head of the Kashmir government, despite the fact that they do not share the same political ideology.

“I am saddened by the news of Geelani’s death. We may disagree on most things, but I respect him for his determination and his commitment. “The Mufti wrote on Twitter.

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