June 5, 2023

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Superstar Monica Aldama denies trying to bury sexual assault allegations

TMZ/Navarro College Composite

Cheerleading coach Monica Aldama

She denies trying to hide the sexual assault

…the college is preparing for a fight in court

trainer Monica Checkersknown from the hit Netflix series “Cheer,” is fighting back against the allegations and the lawsuit against her… saying that in no way did she attempt to silence a cheerleader’s allegations of sexual assault.

Aldama tells TMZ… she’s “heartbroken by the false allegations” made against her by Navarro College and former cheerleading squad member Lin’s past – Adding the safety of its students is a top priority.

Aldama says it has worked “year after year” to keep Navarro Cheer a safe place, adding that it would never remain silent about allegations of sexual assault “if I was aware of any sexual misconduct occurring on Cheer.”

Navarro College, which was sued by Lynn, echoed Aldama’s denial — with a rep telling us that it is willing to “strongly defend itself in court.”

As we reported, Lynn Claims She was sexually assaulted by a teammate in 2021 during her freshman year… saying it caught Aldama’s eye, but she was told, “If you keep quiet, I’ll make sure you cheer up wherever you want.”

Lane claims she told about the ordeal to an older member of the cheerleading squad, who told her “You’ve just got to drink it and get your mind off it” and “We don’t tell anyone. We just keep it to ourselves.”

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