March 29, 2023

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Stuart Varney: Biden's 'dance' went up after his 'disingenuous' speech

Stuart Varney: Biden’s ‘dance’ went up after his ‘disingenuous’ speech

‘Varney & Co.’ host Stuart Varney invites Biden’s fiery speech on the economy to the AFL-CIO during his latest movie “My Take,” arguing that “the president’s credibility is complete and the ‘boogie is over’.”

Stuart Varney: The president’s speech to the AFL-CIO was nothing more than a political deception.

I think he was dishonest.

This put it well.

His statements about the economy and inflation were frankly unbelievable.

He will not win the trust of markets or voters if he is not honest about the crisis we are facing.

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He said America is doing better than anyone else on inflation.


We have a higher inflation rate than Germany, France, Japan, China, India, Italy and Saudi Arabia!

Where does the president get all this inaccurate information?

Regarding the economy, he said, “20 million Americans lost their jobs under the last man’s rule.”

Stuart Varney of FOX Business discusses Biden’s speech on the economy during “My Take.” (Fox News)

That would be Trump, of course.

He didn’t mention that COVID shut down the entire country!

He said he “created” 8.7 million “new” jobs in 16 months.

No you did not. These were the people who went back to their jobs after the pandemic.

He said families take on less debt. Sorry, credit card debt is exploding right now.

Biden falsely claims inflation is ‘worse everywhere but here’, but the US rate is higher than most developed countries

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He doesn’t want to hear more of what he calls “lies about reckless spending.” “Lies?” It is not a lie to say that spending trillions gives you inflation.

He was saying all this on the day his administration announced a shocking 10% inflation in business costs.

Standard diesel engine. $5 for gas nationwide. And eye-watering grocery bills! His audience, the workers, are the ones who suffer the most from this inflation.

Biden swelled.

I think the dance is over. It was a dishonest speech. Voters know that. The president’s credibility ends.

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