May 29, 2023

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Starling refunds pre-orders to users in India on government orders

Satellite Internet Company, Starling, Owned by millionaires Elon Musk, The Government of India reports that the company has asked for a refund until it receives its pre-orders. Operating licenses In the South Asian country.

“As always you can withdraw money at any time”The company said in an email to one of its customers.

In an email sent to bookers Starling Inside India, The company expects its service to be operational in India soon, but it is not clear at present. “Schedule for obtaining operating licenses.”

India is Starling’s largest market

Starling It has received over five thousand pre-orders for its users India And wants to conduct pilot tests in the country.

Elon Muskin has shipped more than 100,000 terminals to its customers worldwide. 500 million People in India are online, Many are still offline. “At Starling, we want to serve those in need. We look forward to working with other broadband providers and settlement providers in interested districts.Said Sanjay Bhargava, Director, Starling India.

“The government approval process is complicated. So far no request has been made to the government, so the ball is in our court for consideration. We are working on it. “Bhargava said last year.

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