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Starfield's lead artist says the game's overall aesthetic is 'NASA-Punk'

Starfield’s lead artist says the game’s overall aesthetic is ‘NASA-Punk’

Starfield lead artist Istvan Pely has revealed that the overarching aesthetic of Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG is “NASA-Punk.”

Talk to Billy and lead animator Rick Vicens Xbox Wire He discusses how the term has truly taken on a life of its own and helped shape what is Starfield today.

“Early in this project when we were trying to create the general aesthetic of this game, we kind of coined the term ‘NASA-punk’ to describe a more cohesive and relatable sci-fi world,” says Bailey. We wanted a very realistic experience. You can draw a line from current space technology and extrapolate from there to the future so that it is believable and reliable.”

“What’s really exciting is how closely we stick to that concept,” Vicens added. “When I said NASA-Punk, the technical team can instantly take those two words and make them work. It was just the perfect term for our art direction and keeping everyone in the same flow and working in a consistent style. For me, it just clicked. At the beginning of the project, I think that’s The term was extremely important to us.”

The NASA-Bank lecture was part of an article announcing an exclusive signed art donation from Starfield that will be awarded Constellation members A chance to win an exclusive, high-quality print signed by artist Mike Botkos and game director Todd Howard.

I watched the Diaries of a former Starfield developer art director Matt Carofano talk about how Starfield is “a more cohesive and fundamentally set game around exploration”. Now, we have a term that corresponds to this philosophy.

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Starfield is scheduled for release on November 11, 2022. For more information, check out what the collector’s edition of the game might contain and why Howard said Starfield was made now or never.

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