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Star Trek Picard Season 3 Loses Several Key Cast Members

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Loses Several Key Cast Members

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, standing in an empty corridor.  It is surrounded by metal boxes.

Picard’s circle of friends shrinks in Season 3.
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Star Trek: PicardThe second season finale was Banana triprunning chaotically trying to close the remaining plot threads of the show while getting rid of some wild Hil mAres for the future of the show. But in the wake of its release, a strange trend emerged: an apparent mass exodus of many of the show’s original cast.

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In the past few days since ‘Farewell’ OK, farewell to Season 2several members PiccardThe supporting cast announced that their time on the show had ended. Some are obvious, like Santiago Cabrera, whose character Rios chose to stay in the past 2024 litersa To be with his new love interest, Teresa – and whose Death in the past we learned of it when Guinan narrates Picard about it men 24th century. Cabrera has moved to Instagram to say goodbye, but he wasn’t the only member to announce that they would not be returning for a third season.

No Issa Briones –wIt is playing androids Soji and Dahj as a central element in Piccardseason one, and She played Corey Song, the daughter of evil geneticist Brent Spinner Adam Song, in season two— and Ivan Evagora, who played the religious mercenary Romulan who turned into a starfleet disciple in seasons one and two, They also took to social media to confirm that Star Trek Trips are over. Both are particularly bizarre, as their characters are not written with goodbyes; Dahej appeared in only one episode of Piccard the second season, but the final scene of Cory seeing her meets Wesley Crusher, and sprints away to join the trans-dimensional character known as the Traveler with him. Meanwhile, Elnor spent most of the second season He died, but was eventually brought back to life to continue his training at the academy with Ravi.

Perhaps it was Alison Bell, who played Dr. Agnes Gouratti, and finally the new Queen of the Tower Piccard the second season. “I know Season 3 is going to be the end. I wasn’t a part of Season 3, so I don’t have much to say about it in terms of spoilers,” Bell recently said. Movieweb. “I’ll watch with everyone else.” This in particular looks like Wild Move given the season ends with Pill’s Borg Queen/Jurati hybrid officially claiming temporary membership of the Borg collective –Rebuilt into a seemingly friendly force– To enter the Federation and protect the newly opened Transwarp channel. If you thought this could be a major part of Season 3, apparently not – or at least not without the Queen of the Zodiac. Schwarner Terry Matalas has Confirm on Twitter That third season of Piccard It starts almost a year after the second season It ends, so this might have been enough time for Union and Borg to figure things out and go their separate ways, but still… it definitely seems like an odd departure from such an interesting story and character.

As of this writing, the only remaining Piccard Supporting actors rejoining Patrick StewArt for the third season be Jerry Ryan and Michelle Ann HeardOrla Brady, who plays Seven of Nine, and Raffi Musiker, laris, Straight. Although both Hurd and Ryan have confirmed their comeback for Season 3Brady (io9’s has not reached out to Paramount for comment on her comeback, and will update this post if and when we receive a response). but why Piccard It seems to be mixing up quite a few of the original cast members, some with stories that don’t quite feel like it’s over yet, before the final season? Well, one thing is clear: Arrival The original main cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation. With the arrival of six core new members – and we know they’re going She plays big roles In season already – trimming the current cast to give the characters time and attention makes sense.

But there’s still something weird and a little sad about seeing potential plot lines with unique characters Piccard Looks like it’s been shortened in order to go back to the characters We, and Jean-Luc, knew and loved him during it next generation. Star Trek: PicardAlways struggle with how you want to be Get closer to her honorary champion And whether he wants to be something pretty new or something to have a love conversation with TNG—It may seem, in his last season, that at least it was decided to be the last, because he says goodbye to so many of the first.

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