June 3, 2023

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Square Enix launches its first NFT project

Square Enix launches its first NFT project

What was once a warning of dark times to come is now a reality. Square Enix finally announced its release NFT (or non-fungible token) project after threatening us With the company embracing the controversial and Greatly hated by the players Blockchain technology.

To facilitate this extraordinary waste of fan goodwill, Square Enix has entered into a partnership Engine, an NFT company that will store Square Enix tokens on its Efinity blockchain. Starting today, consumers will be able to pre-order a physical character that comes with a redeemable code for a digital NFT. There will also be physical trading cards that similarly contain a digital NFT component available for pre-order later this year.

If you’re wondering about any of its many perks, Square Enix pulls NFTs out of it, well, that’s the worst part. Perhaps the most surprising case of “You didn’t read the source I created,” Square Enix makes NFTs from Final Fantasy VII– That relatively mysterious indie game about a group of freedom fighters taking down a planet-killing company.

Yes, you read that correctly. Square Enix chooses to make its own NFTs – a well-known technology It consumes large amounts of energy Contribute to significantly increasing and accelerating emissions Climate change is already out of control on a planet either on fireAnd the Sinkingor melting – Among the characters she created is dedicated to stopping companies from doing exactly what NFT facilitates.

Mathematics does not count.

Currently, there are no images available of what it will look like, collectible cards, or how much they will cost. in an environment where NFTs related to games Much Fast and Furious Reactionat the top of A sharp drop in the prices of all cryptocurrenciesIt is also not known whether this FFVII NFTs will have any value other than sentimental value.

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Square Enix

In the face of the inevitable backlash, Square has chosen to focus on its use of Evenity Parachinea Tier 1 proof-of-stake solution that promotes itself as “green” and is run by a company committed to being carbon neutral by 2030. It promises to be more energy efficient than the older Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain technology, and with bridges connecting different blockchains Without relying on them and their energy-hungry ways of working.

But the planet is maturing, cloud, we don’t have that time.