March 21, 2023

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Before the dominant Omigron, Germany controlled crowds among those vaccinated

BERLIN, Dec. 21 (EFE) .- Germany will control parties, meetings or public events among those who have been vaccinated, with the possibility of the Omigron variant dominating the country in a few weeks and countering the fact that only the soda level of the vaccine provides “specific protection”. Current restrictions – aimed at those who have not been vaccinated – will remain in place until next Christmas weekend. But after December 28 there will be strict limits for meetings, big events like football will be without spectators and discotheques, clubs and dance halls will be closed. After a meeting with regional powers today, President Olaf Scholes warned that Germany would be under Omigran’s rule, as it already is in the United Kingdom or Denmark. “Länder” or Federal States-. With this perspective in mind, while the country’s leading experts insist on accelerating the soda vaccination campaign, any meeting will be limited to a maximum of ten people – though not counting those under the age of fourteen. There will be no football or cultural events with the public, no dancing or even great treats of any kind among immunocompromised people – those with complete guidance, boosters or healers – will not even present. Negative test. Scholes said the measures taken a few weeks ago “had an effect” as those who were not vaccinated were excluded from essential shops, restaurants and cultural life. The incidence of new infections has been reduced and the situation in hospitals has eased. A maximum of 485 cases per seven days per 100,000 people in November fell to 306 infections this Tuesday, after a slow but consolidated decline. However, in a country of 5.8 million people, Scholes fears a situation similar to that of Denmark, where 13,558 infections are reported in a single day today. In that neighboring country, 44% of cases are due to the Omigron variant and its incidence is higher than in the entire EU: 2,036 cases in 14 days. Scholes recalled that the virus did not understand the Christmas season, and that the virus would not “rest at Christmas.” But for the Chancellor, who has been in office since the beginning of December, those who have not been vaccinated do not need to immediately adopt these restrictions. The head of the Social Democratic government said that “responsible behavior of the majority of families” would not “accelerate epidemics” during these festivals. Today’s meeting between the federal government and “Länder” on December 2, along with Angela Merkel, who is still in power, and after an interim plan, was Scholes’ second president. It came just hours after the Robert Koch Institute for Virology (RKI) released a report urging immediate and drastic reduction of personal contact and avoidance of unnecessary travel. The Permanent Vaccine Commission (Stiko), affiliated with RKI, also recommended the use of a booster dose three months after receiving the full schedule, instead of the six months previously thought. Currently, the proportion of population with full terms is 70.4%, while the proportion of citizens with the required booster dose to improve protection against this variant is 32.6%. Scholes stressed that the goal is to get two-thirds of the population to the level of soda in the coming weeks. Its goal is to deliver 30 million doses by the end of January – in addition to the 30 million to be administered from the end of November to the end of 2021. Most infections in Germany in early January are caused by Omigran, and these number in the tens of thousands. If the dynamics of the immediate wave caused by Omigran are not stopped, there will be an enrichment of health care structures, RKI continued. “The risk of infection is much higher for the non-vaccinated group, higher for those who have recovered from the full schedule (twice) and moderate for those who have been vaccinated with the booster dose (three times),” according to RKI. . (c) EFE Agency

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