March 21, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Sigrid Bazán, Rosangella Barbarán and Alejandro Cavero travel to India and share photos | NMR | Politics

Three Congressmen from different parliamentary groups were on a visit to India, where they were invited by the authorities. About(Democratic Change – Together for Peru) (Popular Force) and (Country Progress).

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The three young parliamentarians have left for New Delhi and in recent days have been sharing posts and photos on social networks where they have been spotted at events, talking to international officials and posing in the background of the Taj Mahal.

It generated criticism against the three legislators, who in a matter of hours released news explaining the reasons for their trip and that attending the event would cost the Peruvian state nothing.

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Sikrit Pasan

Congresswoman Sikrit Basan posted two documents on her Twitter account, explaining that she was traveling to India at the invitation of the government to participate in the cycle of events for its 75th Independence Day.

One of his letters to senior Congress official Hugo Rovira was that the event was related to an event for democracy organized by the Council of Indian Cultural Relations between May 20 and 29.

There, it states that expenses should not be paid for the concept of Representation Week which will take place between May 18 and 22.

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Alexander Cavero

Cavero gave the same interpretations of Sikrit Basan on social media, but added his justification for participating in this international journey despite the crisis facing the country.

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Congressman Alejandro Guerrero traveled to India.

“There are those who may or may not agree with the possibility of this trip. However, I think it is important for politicians to look at other experiences and learn valuable things from other countries,” he said.