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Shimano 105 Di2 R7150 12-Speed ​​Semi Cordless Kit |  Price, specifications, weights and more

Shimano 105 Di2 R7150 12-Speed ​​Semi Cordless Kit | Price, specifications, weights and more

The long-awaited Shimano 105 Di2 R7150, the brand’s long-awaited third-tier electronic combo, has finally arrived. £1,730 / $1,890 / €1,869 kits make for an affordable Electronic transfer to Shimano group road groups more than ever.

Likes Ultegra R8100 And the Dora Ace R9200Shimano 105 Di2 road bike set Semi cordless and 12 speed. However, unlike these two sets, only 105 Di2 is available with disc brakes.

The new batch is claimed to weigh 2,992g and stand in direct competition with it SRAM Rival eTAP AXS.

Here, we take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about the new set of collections.

We also have a comparison of the SRAM Rival eTap AXS and Shimano 105 Di2, along with a summary of all the new bikes available with the new group.

Plus, you can read the thoughts of the great BikeRadar tech writer, Simon von Bromleyabout what the release of Shimano’s Level 3 electronic groupset means for the future of mechanical groups on the road.

Here are the five main things you need to know about Shimano’s new 105 Di2 groupset:

  • Like Dura-Ace and Ultegra, the 105 Di2 is semi-wireless and 12-speed
  • The complete set is claimed to weigh around 2,992 grams, depending on the specifications
  • A complete Shimano 105 Di2 groupset will sell for around £1,730 / $1,890 / €1,869
  • For the first time, Shimano will offer a range of 105-level carbon wheels
  • The 105 Di2 will only be offered with disc brakes – RIP rim brakes!

semi wireless

Like Ultegra and Dura-Ace, the range is semi-cordless.

Like the 12-speed Dura-Ace and Ultegra, the Shimano 105 Di2 is semi-cordless.

This connects both rail tracks to the central battery, with the switches connected wirelessly to the system.

In comparison, SRAM’s eTap assemblies are completely wireless, with both movements being controlled by individual batteries.

The Rear derailleur It houses the brains of the system, and is also where the kit is shipped.

12 speed for all

As expected, Shimano ran a 12 with a 105.

As expected, Shimano’s 105 Di2 R7150 groupset is 12-speed. The last two generations of the 105 have been 11 speed.

Here, we move on to each of the components that make up the Shimano 105 Di2 R7150 drivetrain.

Shimano 105 RD-R7150 rear derailleur

A single long cage (SGS in Shimano designation) rear derailleur is available.

The long-cage rear derailleur is available in the 105 Di2 family.

This Shimano 105 RD-R7150 Di2 rear derailleur is compatible with cassette tapes up to 36 tons.

It is aesthetically similar to both Ultegra and Dura-Ace, but features a less complex formation on joints, parallelograms and cage. The look is also more matte than the glossy finishes of the higher-level sets.

The charging port for the Di2 system is located at the rear end of the top hinge. This eliminates the need for a junction box under the stem or in the handlebars, as was the case with previous generation Di2 groupsets.

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Shimano 105 FD-R7150 front derailleur

The new front derailleur is slightly larger than the one seen on the Ultegra or Dura-Ace.

New Shimano 105 FD-R7150 Front Derailleur Slightly larger than the Dura-Ace or Ultegra equivalent front end.

The upper housing is extended – unlike Dura-Ace and Ultegra – it is not offset by the cage, adding to the overall footprint of the monastery.

The reason the superstructure is larger has not been determined, although we expect it to use different motors and control units for the higher class groupset. We have asked Shimano for more information.

The derailleur is compatible with chains up to 52 tons. The overall derailleur capacity (the largest tooth difference between chainrings) was not specified on the Shimano compression package.

Shimano 105 CS-R7100-12 and CS-HG710-12 12 Speed ​​Strips

One tape available with 105 brands.

One 11-34 ton (CS-R7100-12) 12-speed cassette will be available at 105 levels.

An additional non-series 11-36t 12-speed cassette (Shimano CS-HG710-12) is also released along with the kit.

The first seven gears of both cassettes are individual, with the largest five gears mounted on an alloy spider. All gears are made of steel.

Cassettes are installed using a new 12 speed limiter standard freehubbut this is backwards compatible with HG’s free 11-speed hubs.

A second tape with a size of 11-36 tons is also available.

The new cassettes do not have Hyperglide+ technology.

Initially submitted to Shimano mountain bike kitsHyperglide+ sees the gears on the cassette shaped to help steer series Down (ie to a stronger gear) the cassette.

The Hyperglide+ was taken to the road last year with Dura-Ace and Ultegra. We found Hyperglide+ to be very effective at smoothing out transitions and reducing noise during testing.

Dura-Ace and Ultegra-level 11-34t straps are officially compatible with the range. However, both variants 11-30 and 11-28 tons are not officially compatible.

The group shares the M7100 series, as used on the brand’s SLX mountain bike group.

Unofficially, we expect that using any of these cassettes with the RD-R7150 rear derailleur will work, albeit with potentially lower shifting performance.

The group shares the 12-speed CN-M7100 chain with the brand’s SLX mountain bike group.

Shimano FC-R7100 Utility Package

One gear option will be available at launch.

The new Shimano FC-R7100 crankset looks very similar to the top-coated Dura-Ace R9200 crankset, with a lower-gloss finish and the same flat outer facet on the crank arms.

It is available in sizes 160, 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm crank length Options, and at launch, a single gear combination 50-34 tons.

According to Shimano, a 52-36 ton option will be “available at a later date.”

The crankshaft has a Q-factor of 148mm and shares the same Hollowtech II construction as most high-end Shimano levers. This results in two forged halves of the crankshaft joined together to create a solid, lightweight shaft assembly.

An additional, non-chaining post assembly designed for 135mm rear bikes is also available.

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An additional shaft assembly that is not compatible with 12 speeds is also released alongside the combination group. The FC-RS520 crankset features rigid crank arms and is designed to work with bikes that use a 135mm rear end.

most recent Axle road bikes It has a 142mm rear end. This affects the bike’s chainring line and the FC-RS520 crankset will be offset to accommodate this.

The crankset is available in lengths of 160, 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm, and a single gear set from 50 to 34 tons.

Shimano 105 Di2 ST-R7170

The 105 R7170 transmission is almost indistinguishable in shape from Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

The new Shimano 105 Di2 ST-R7170 shifters are identical in design to the 12-speed Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

This includes a new hooded winch and a revised pivot position, which is said to improve braking performance when riding on hoods.

The switches do not have the extra hood button that appears on the two upper tier kits. They also lose out on the option of containing satellite shifters (or so-called “speed shifters”).

Unlike Dura-Ace and Ultegra, the brakes also do not have a Servo Wave feature. The servo wave makes the relationship between the brake lever and the pad non-linear, which improves the adjustment. Servo Wave also appears on the brand GRX . gravel set.

Shimano 105 Di2 ST-R7170 adapters are claimed to have a battery life of up to three years. It is powered by a pair of CR1632 coin cells in each transmission.

Goodbye brake tyres

Unlike the Ultegra R8100 and Dura-Ace R9200, the 105 Di2 R7150 will not be offered with a rim brake option.

The new Shimano 105 Di2 groupset is only available with disc brakes.

This is the first generation of any Shimano road bike groupset to be offered without a rim brake option.

This is not entirely surprising because few modern road bikes have rim brakes, and the vast majority of 105 Di2 sales will be to OEM customers.

While it may be a little novel, we expect that most riders looking to upgrade a bike with an older rim brake will consider either the Dura-Ace or Ultegra—both of which are available with matching rim and brake shifters.

However, we expect riders who want to use 105 Di2 components with rim brakes will be able to use either Dura-Ace or Ultegra 12-speed shifters, but this has not been confirmed by Shimano.

Modified disc brakes

The new disc brake calipers are similar in shape to the Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

Shimano’s new 105 BR-R7170 disc brake calipers adopt a revised design introduced with Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

This includes the adoption of a new bleed port, which can be accessed from the outer side of the caliper. This makes brake bleed much easier, especially when fitted to the inside of the rear triangle.

The brakes can now be bled from the side of the caliper.

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The clearance from the pad to the rotor is also said to be increased by 10 percent, reducing the chances of friction in dirty conditions.

Brakes are only available in flat mount. Non-sequential post calipers will also work with the groupset if you are upgrading an older frameset.

The 105-level SM-RT70 and SM-RT64 rotors are nominally carried over from the previous generation lineup.

Shimano 105 Di2 R7150 group weight

The entire set is claimed to weigh 2,992 grams.

The Shimano 105 Di2 R7150 is claimed to weigh 2,992g for a complete set.

Claimed weights for each component in Shimano’s new 105 Di2 R7150 groupset are as follows:

That’s about 276 grams heavier than the Ultegra R8100 Di2 kit, which comes in at 2,716 grams, according to Shimano.

Although it is difficult to make a comparison between apples and apples, the SRAM Rival eTap AXS combo is claimed to weigh 3,109 grams in broadly similar specs.

Shimano 105 Di2 R7150 group price

Suggested retail price for a Shimano 105 Di2 R7150 complete set is £1,730 / $1,890 / €1,869, depending on the specifications.

European pricing relates specifically to the Benelux region, so results may vary slightly locally. Australian pricing has not been confirmed by Shimano.

Below is a summary of pricing for key components in the 105 Di2 range in the UK and USA. Prices for individual products are not currently available in all regions.

Shimano 105 Di2 R7150 . Group Availability

A number of bikes are already available with Shimano’s new 105 Di2 R7150 groupset.

Speaking to BikeRadar, Shimano brand manager Jeff Giddings said riders should “expect to see new bike models enter the market during July,” with “component stock…available from the beginning of September.”

Looking for a new 105 Di2 bike? Check out our guide to bikes already available with the new collection.

Shimano WH-RS710-C46-TL and WH-RS710-C32-TL Wheels

Two wheels are launched next to the group.

Although not branded the 105, two new carbon groupsets complete the launch of Shimano’s new 105 Di2 groupset. This is the first time a level 105 carbon wheel assembly has been offered.

The unforgettable Shimano WH-RS710-C46-TL and Shimano WH-RS710-C32-TL wheel groups share the same overall rim profile as the equivalent Dura-Ace and Ultegra groupsets.

However, both use a heavier carbon layer on the rims to deliver a required weight of 1,607g for the C46 and 1,511g for the C32.

Both rims are 21mm wide internally. The 32mm wheels are marketed as a “climber model” and the 46mm wheels are said to be an “all-around model”.