May 28, 2023

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Shane McMahon suffers a torn quadriceps in WrestleMania 39 surprise appearance

Shane McMahon made a surprise comeback at WrestleMania 39 but things didn’t seem to be going as planned.

McMahon, who had not appeared on WWE TV since January 2022, made a shock return to face The Miz in an impromptu match. Just like Saturday Night, Snoop Dogg pushed The Miz into a match. McMahon came out and thanked the crowd for the reception.

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April 2, 2023; Englewood, California, USA; Snoop Dogg (in black), The Miz (suit) and Shane McMahon (white shirt) during the night of WrestleMania II in Mystic Stadium. (Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

He would whip The Miz into the ropes and jump on top of him as he ran across the ring. When McMahon landed, he appeared to hit his knee and it didn’t appear to be part of any angle.

During McMahon’s check, Snoop Dogg had to improvise and get involved in the match. Samar Al Miz with his right hand.

Snoop Dogg then performed The People’s Elbow and tied The Miz for victory in a chaotic scene.

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Triple H, WWE’s chief content officer, said in the post-event press conference that McMahon tore his quadriceps.

It’s the second night in a row that The Miz got into an impromptu match even when he was the host of WrestleMania at SoFi Arena.

On Saturday, San Francisco 49ers star George Keitel was sitting ringside with his wife when The Miz came over to trash talk the star tight end who was about to make the Super Bowl for the second straight season. After Kittle knocked him out, The Miz pushed Kittle down on his seat.

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Keitel took off his jacket and jumped onto the parapet. He delivered a vicious clothesline to the wrestler and set up McAfee to do his turn on The Miz and take him out. McAfee would win the match and he and Keitel would celebrate in the ring.