May 28, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Sevilla gives a strong blow to Makismo in India

Sevilla is on a corporate visit to India, where it has signed a cross-cooperation agreement with Bangalore United.. Based in Bangalore, the team will have the experience of developing football into one of the best and most developed clubs in Europe in the 21st century. The deal will also help Nervionense With nearly 1,400 million people, to expand its brand through the world’s second most populous country.

But Sevilla’s work in India has gone a little further. One of the demands of the Nervionense Club to Bangalore It formed a women’s team and is also sponsored by the Andalusians. In this Asian country, gesture becomes almost a challenge. Which means a higher risk of sexual violence and labor slavery India is the most dangerous country for women in the world. According to a study published by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Risks to women in India go beyond sexual violence, according to the study, which makes it the second most populous country on earth. Extremely dangerous in relation to human trafficking, including sex and domestic slavery. As a result, the Thomson Foundation underscores the economic impact of sexual violence: “At least 20 million women have left their jobs Part of Asia’s third largest economy since 2005, in part because of mismanagement. “

Seville’s President Jose Castro ordered the trip Certified to form the women’s team on the lawn of the Bangalore Stadium. This is another step in integrating Hindu women not only in football but also in the effort to create an egalitarian society. In 2022, in fact, FIFA will celebrate U-17 Women’s World Cup in this country, Next November. Postponed for two years due to infection.

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