January 27, 2023

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Semini will celebrate the relationship between Villadolith and India to the tune of ‘The Beatles’

Between October 23 and 30, International Film Week celebrates relations between India and the capital, Valladolid, with its only mansion in Spain being treasured – and for the third time in Europe after London, from October 23 to 30, in its 66th edition. And Berlin – a trust founded in March 2003 by the Republic of India, Valladolid City Council and Valladolid University.

Nearly 9,000 kilometers from Ahmedabad is the separate Valladolid, an Indian city of twins, but it has since been discovered and restored after discovering a cultural oasis located in a modern building in the capital of Bizwerka from the early 20th century. The House of India is a monument to bilateral relations between the two countries and a center for projecting and disseminating Indian culture from Valladolid.

An unavoidable task from Seminisi this year celebrates the relationship between the two countries with a prominent presence from India, not only within the framework of the festival, but also extended to the cultural agenda of the city.

The competition will feature the ‘Beatles Forever’ Marathon, which will be screened in Spain with the documentary ‘The Beatles and India’ (Ajoy Bose and Peter Compton, 2021), and The Beatles: Eight Days a Week. Travel Years’ (Ron Howard, 2016), and a restored copy of ‘Get Back’ (Richard Lester, 1991) and ‘A Hard Days Night’ (Richard Lester, 1964).

In addition, ‘The Beatles and India’ will be coming to the same exhibition, hosting the Casa de la India from September 17 to November 7, with a concert by Indian musicians of the Liverpool quartet’s songs. Malvika Manoj, Tejas Menon and Neil Mukherjee.

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‘The Beatles and India’, produced by Silva Screen Records, was inspired by the book ‘Across the Universe, the Beatles in India’ (2018) by Indian journalist Ajoy Bose, the director of the film along with Peter Compton. The history of the enduring love story between ‘The Beatles’ and India that started half a century ago.

Featuring a non-competition in the Story Time category, the documentary features archival footage, photographs, eyewitness accounts and expert commentary with footage from across India to enliven the journey of George, John and Paul. Celebrated life to a distant Himalayan ashram in the West in search of spiritual happiness, which sparked unprecedented creativity in songwriting.

Both the documentary and the exhibition analyze the close relationship of the Liverpool quartet, particularly George Harrison, with Asian country voices, whose band and spiritual aspects had a significant influence on the later path. In particular, the duo addresses the band’s historic trip to Asia in 1968, which marks the band’s future.

The premiere and exhibition arrived in Spain, at which time the publishing house Libros del Kultrum translated it into Spanish as ‘I, I, Mine’, reminiscent of George Harrison’s memoirs, nicknamed the ‘Peaceful Beetle’ in the pages ‘Fab Four’ fame, his love for India , In addition to Rishikesh’s retirement journey, his sitar lessons or his relationship with Ravi Shankar.

Deepa Mehta, President of the International Court of Justice

The presence of India in this edition of the festival is also a testament to the fact that Indian director, screenwriter and producer Deepa Mehta is the chairperson of the International Arbitration Tribunal. Considered one of Canada’s most important contemporary filmmakers, he has been associated with Seminesi since the release of his 36th edition of his first film, ‘Sam and I’, which also received special mention by the Jury of the Golden Camera at the Cannes Film Festival.

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In 1996 she co-founded Hamilton-Mehta Productions with her husband, producer David Hamilton. That same year he began his award-winning trilogy ‘Fouco’, inspired by elements of nature, which continued with ‘Diora’ in 1998 and with ‘Aqua’, which was nominated for an Oscar for Best International Film in 2007 and screened its 50th edition. From Seminchi, he won the Youth Award.

In 2012 he shot the film ‘Hyos de la Midnight’, based on Salman Rushdie’s novel, which he co-wrote with him and it was presented in the official category of the award-winning director of photography, Seminchi. He participated in the 2015 editions of ‘Biba Boys’ and in 2016 with ‘The Anatomy of Violence’.

His latest film, ‘Funny Boy’, has been selected to close the next edition of Seminchi without competition, in which he competes in the Golden Spike competition of the festival ‘Bon Nalin’, ‘Lost Film Show’. The taught filmmaker was born in Atala, a remote village in India.

Also, in the Story Time section, the Beatles documentary, ‘Writing with Fire’ (Rindu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh, India) will be screened, reflecting the experience of being the only magazine run by Dalit women in India. In this social setting.