April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Say hello and watch the top ten movies in India

For us, Netflix is ​​more than just streaming: it’s a colleague, a friend. And it has a lot to offer us. Sometimes we laugh; Others cry. Sometimes he talks about politics and other times he talks about action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, history or geography.

This weekend the streaming is going to take us to India and that beautiful country is full of color and taste. Its culture is very rich, so after seeing this peak, we guarantee that you will be an individual with a slightly open view of the world around you.

The country on the Asian continent has one of the largest and most productive film industries in the world. Among them stands Bollywood, one of the hubs of Indian cinema and located in Bombay.

If you’re a newcomer, it’s good to know the following information for your launch: The word “namaste” is a greeting that expresses respect, and touching someone’s feet is a way of expressing respect; I refuse to do it because of humility. Finally, most conservative actors do not kiss their fellow actors in the mouth. You will know the rest for yourself.

Having said that, let’s get started.

“Mary Kom”

They wanted to start a Netflix special show with an actress who extended it to Hollywood: Priyanka Chopra Jonas. In this biography, we tell the story of the life of Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte, a boxer who represented his country at the Olympics and the World Boxing Championships.

The story begins when a young couple goes to the hospital and the wife is about to give birth. The problem is, it was night, they had no car and the city was under curfew due to political turmoil.

The police look at the husband and think he is a troublemaker, but they find the wife and help her. Thus, as they embark on the journey leading up to the birth, we find a series of “flashbacks” explaining how they got there. Awesome story that honors men and women.

“Kabi Kushi Kabi Gum”

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol we sawMy name is Con2, star in this film full of dance and music. But, although many Indian films are musical, the actors are limited to dubbing songs because they are sung by professional singers.

To tell you about the plot we discovered on Netflix, we need to remember that organized marriages are an integral part of the culture, and many young people integrate it, while others prefer romantic marriages.

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This is where it all starts, as Rahul (Khan) and Anjali (Kajol) got married thanks to a heart. However, his father wanted him to marry his best friend’s daughter, which caused a family split. Nevertheless, his brother Rohan will fight to the end to reunite the family. A wonderful film that captures the essence of Bollywood, even if at times it appears to be melodrama or exaggerated.

Other cast is produced by Indian Cinema ‘Royalty’: Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor.


This social drama that Netflix brings to its list is inspired by real events. Laxmikant Sauha (Akshay Kumar) is one of the best husbands in the world. He lives peacefully with his wife in a poor but honest home. However, there is one thing that disturbs his peace: his wife’s health.

Not because she is unwell, but because she uses unhygienic clothes as menstrual pads that can give her toxic shock syndrome. And not only she, but all the women in her home and community use them. In addition, you should stay away from home during menstruation.

All of this motivates him to design hygienic and accessible pads. The problem? Superstition and ignorance lead his community to reject him. Sonam Kapoor (Koopsurat) stars in “Batman”.

“Toilet: Ek Frame Story”

Akshay Kumar seems to be very involved in social work. If he doesn’t, at least his shooting.

“Toilet” is also a play based on real events in which a man wants to help his wife in terms of health so that he experiences the misunderstanding and rejection of his neighbor. What has changed is that now it’s not a sanitary towel in the bathroom.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that in her hometown, for religious reasons, there are no bathrooms inside the houses and women are forced to go to the field to do body work (before other women, this is an uncomfortable experience.). Netflix will tell you the rest.

Postscript: Actor Anupam Kerum (“New Amsterdam”) intervenes.

“Dostana” (1980)

The word Dostana in Hindi means friendship. That’s the play. At a school graduation, two alumni are invited to give a text to the graduates. Both have had successful careers: one a police officer and the other a lawyer.

One imprisons the wicked and the other frees them. But this fact does not create any conflict because both respect the limits of their trade and the other. In addition, they loved each other like brothers and vowed eternal friendship.

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Then, a woman appears, they both fall in love, and there it all ends: the friendship stumbles, the bad guys take advantage, and there one falls, enjoying watching the soap opera.

The soundtrack and costumes are as epic as the makeup, which will take you back in time. Of course when you look at it, you will feel a familiar feeling like you were there. “Dostana” stars Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha and Zeenat Aman.

A word of caution: do not confuse this movie with the 2008 remake (which is also on Netflix).


With a very modern and tragic story, we continue on our Netflix list. Sandhya (Sanya Malhotra) is a young woman who became a widow five months after her marriage. Social conference expects him to eat a little (even fast) and not entertain himself through TV or the internet, he is not born with grief.

It is expected to be tough, but it is not. So he must eat to escape the sight of his mother-in-law and other relatives or stealthily distract them, not surprisingly in shock.

She is too, but expresses it differently. She is shocked by the speed of events because she finds out that she does not really know her husband. With well-drawn characters and a flowing storyline, India is once again showcasing its talent. Do not miss.

“Like the stars on earth”

We continue Netflix’s top spot with “Like Stars on Earth”, a 2007 drama, “Like Stars on Earth” that tells the story of a boy named Ishaan (Darsheel Safari). Not only is his school performance affected: he has a problem with the game, which makes him a victim of misunderstandings by his father, teachers and classmates.

On the contrary, his brother has a good educational record, so he is constantly being compared. As a last resort, his father sends him to boarding school in the hope that he will change. Professor Ram (Aamir Khan), an expert in special education, is on display here. Hope allows for inclusion in this celluloid work.

Interesting fact: Khan is a great actor and producer who is known as the ‘Tom of India’. Interestingly, this year he will release a “remake” of “Forest Gump” where he is expected to play the lead role.

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Netflix now brings you one of the aliens. Back with Aamir Khan. PK (Khan) is an innocent alien who is trapped on our planet because of the common underworld. On the other hand, a character in the hands of actress Anushka Sharma is Jagat, a journalist who was disappointed in love.

One day while distributing leaflets she finds him in which he seeks God and eagerly seeks to interview him. Although at first she takes him as a madman, she later agrees to help him return to his planet.

Good humor that distinguishes the contradictions of religions with true faith. Start downloading it and make yourself a sandwich so you can enjoy it accordingly.

“News Blast”

Arjun (Karthik Aryan) is a journalist who landed after a difficult and painful divorce. On a good day and a full radio broadcast, he gets a call from a terrorist warning that a bridge in the city is about to collapse.

Although at first unbelievable, he ends up checking that the message is true, so he uses his ambition and bad ethics to move the cards in his favor and get the scoop. But when he who plays with fire knows that his life and the woman he loves are in danger, he will feel the burning.

This way, Netflix will hold your heart in your hands with the adaptation of the Korean movie “The Terror Live of 2013”. Look at it and let the adrenaline rush in (if your nerves are not on the edge, then it is better to leave).

“Kal Ho Na Ho”

We end today’s countdown with the ever-attractive Shah Rukh Khan known as SRK. In this romantic comedy (with a few more hints of melodrama) we see Preity Zinta in the role of Naina Kapoor (yes, with “u”) due to her father’s suicide, constant fights between her grandmother and mother and relationships due to economic tensions.

Rohit (Saif Ali Khan) is her best friend, he loves her frantically, but she never realizes it. One day Aman (SRK) appears and the guy who goes out drives her crazy … until she realizes that she loves him. He loves her too, but works hard to make her love Rohit. Why do I need something like that? You will see the result on Netflix.