June 5, 2023

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San Luis’ documentary won a film festival in India

All hard work has its reward, and this is evidenced by the team of filmmakers consisting of María Emilia Sosa Caquez, Alejandro Iglesias Rossi, Susana Ferres, Melissa Abarro and Romina Potoc. Investigations by author and anthropologist Dora Ochoa de Masramón, known as “Dora, Memory of Magic.” The production, one of the audiovisuals selected in the first “Gerardo Vallejos” call, was presented at the Reels International Film Festival in India, where it won first place for Best Documentary with Female Direction. Although the team could not travel to receive the award, they assured that winning this award was a great feeling for the entire team.

We were nominated in competition with thousands of films from all continents. Victory is a great achievement. MARIA EMILIA SOUSA CAGES

Maria Emilia said that making the film took more than a year. “We started shooting in 2021. We shot for two weeks in San Luis, after doing carefully calculated pre-production work, we shot in several locations and landscapes in the province; we started editing the film for a year after we finished the film. , and on top of that, we committed to the original call for ‘Gerardo Vallejos.’ “We doubled down because we started making a movie, and not only did we make a documentary, but we also added fiction to it. Legends, legends, and amazing stories of San Luis, then doubling down on the race, and being a small team, it took us a long time to edit,” he recalls. .

The San Luis audiovisual is based on a plot that combines stories and fiction about the Dora Ochoa de Masramón, filmed in a setting that includes unique landscapes such as the archaeological caves of San Francisco, Luzon, Concarron, El Tropich, La Carolina, Pietra. Blanca, Paso del Rey and the Sierras de las Quijatas.

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The production premiered on November 22, 2022 in the “Berta Vidal” room, and in February it premiered in Concarron in honor of Dora’s birthday and in the presence of relatives of the great teacher.

“Those premieres were very interesting, and from that experience, people expressed their amazement and gratitude to us for expressing the deep feeling of San Luis, we said: ‘Let’s present it at a festival’; and precisely, accidental life, a friend recommended to apply in the East Indies,” said the director.

In addition, the film was released in Mexico and presented at the Provincial Book Fair, at the Cine Teatro San Luis. “We are proud of these recognitions,” said Maria Emilia.

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