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Samsung has released One UI 5 beta version based on Android 13 on Galaxy S22 smartphones

Samsung has Launched The company has announced that One UI 5 operating system 13 flavored with Android is in beta for Galaxy S22 smartphones. very much like Android 13 itselfMost of the changes are minor, with some cosmetic improvements along with improvements to security, notifications, camera and more. However, Android 13 may offer Big improvements For foldable phones like Galaxy Fold 4 about to arrive At the Unpacked event on August 10 from Samsung.

Samsung is getting its OS updates more quickly, with One UI 5 being widely launched A month ago From UI 4 last year. It takes advantage of the look of Android 13 with 12 new color options for the home screen, icons, and quick panels. It also allows you to save a little space by stacking UI elements, while adding accessibility options like a magnifier tool to enlarge text and objects. It also adds a system that can read keyboard input aloud.


You’ll also see Android 13 updates like new notification settings that require apps to ask for permission before notifications can be sent. A new security dashboard can check for a security and privacy check, and you’ll be able to set your preferred language on an app-by-app basis.

Android 13 foldable improvements designed for devices like the Fold 3 that have different sizes, resolutions, and pixel densities appear on both internal and external displays. Samsung already offers this feature for the Fold 3, but native Android 13 support may open up more options such as improved productivity tools.

We’ll find out more in a few days at Unpacked, scheduled for August 10 at 9AM ET. Meanwhile, if you live in the US, South Korea or Germany and have a Galaxy S22, you can try the One UI 5 update with Samsung Members app Just keep in mind the usual risks of using a beta program.

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