June 8, 2023

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Sacred cows of India

For Hindus, one of the major religions in India, cows are a symbol of fertility, which I share in this photo report The reader’s view of La Vanguardia.

In the country, these animals are protected by law, which will punish them for their misconduct, harassment and prohibition against eating them.

In the deepest sense, cows in India represent the mother earth, nature, fertility and abundance. These can take on different names depending on the deities and their interactions with the deities.

Cows next to an internet cafe in India.

Joan Soldevila Adam

The most important are the numerous cows, representing Kamadenu (the giver of desire) or Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. This animal had the power to give all options and is sacred to humans for its generosity.

In their relationship with Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, cows play a certain role because Krishna was a cowboy and was always surrounded by these animals.

One of the paradises of Hinduism is Goloka, which is the Sanskrit voice The world of cows.

Sacred cows of India.

Cows on the road.

Joan Soldevila Adam

The sacred cow provides 5 essential ingredients for life: milk, butter, yogurt, urine and manure

These products were the basis of the country’s economy in ancient times, where in addition to food, they were used for work because urine was used as a disinfectant and fertilizer as a fuel.

Sacred cows of India.

I work with cows in India.

Joan Soldevila Adam

India’s cows are free and we can see them walking peacefully in cities and big cities. They are usually cared for with great affection and it is common to decorate and decorate them.

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It is customary in different regions to paint in different colors to beautify and differentiate their horns.

Feeding the cows, whether on their own or with someone else, is considered a worthy act, and is generally performed with reverence.

Sacred cows of India.

Cows in a field in India.

Joan Soldevila Adam

Currently, Hindus, who are a part of Indian society, do not eat meat and, as a general rule, every family has a dairy cow, which is considered more of a family member than a pet.

The five items we have already mentioned are used in daily life and especially in worship and ritual.

Sacred cows of India.

Ideally, every family has its own cow.

Joan Soldevila Adam


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