April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Russia-Ukraine war | How do India and China want to benefit from the war between the Kremlin and Kiev? | Volodymyr Zelensky | Vladimir Putin | Xi Jinping | Joe Biden | USA | New Delhi | The world

Who says From Isolated, I might be wrong. Yes, there are packages of emerging sanctions, but the Kremlin still has the support or at least neutrality of some countries, strategically friendly countries due to the size of their markets. And For example, countries that have already proposed themselves as pacifists.

This is not superfluous. ““Remember that,”Although four-fifths of the UN General Assembly voted in favor of the resolution condemning Russia, they represented less than half of the world’s population due to the vote of giants such as India and China.”.

Russia He did not waste time and his chancellor, Sergei LavrovFound in New Delhi After a few days in Beijing. Negotiation is on the right track. For now, the Indian Foreign Minister Subramaniam JaisankarPromised to maintain good relations “Departments of Energy, Science and Technology, Aerospace and Pharmaceuticals”.

Lavrov, for his part, thanked her for her absence. “Under the influence of any American dictator“And guide you”Foreign policy based on their national interests”And not alien.

As already mentioned, the senior Russian official recently traveled China And met his counterpart Wang Yi, looking for the same thing: to ensure sales and protect allies.

The case of India

The In 2014, remember India.Played a neutral role in the UN referendum Crimea To Russia”.

During the last meeting between Vladimir Putin and his Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Integrating a strategic partnership“Attention”Mutual support on the world stage“And this”Arms trade”.

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This is not a small fact. India “The superpower receives 28% of its exports of martial arts and 70% of its weapons.”. To this we must add a commitment to purchase “At record prices Sunflower oil From Russia”, El Mundo writes.

In addition, the world’s fifth largest economy and Asia’s third, according to the media, continue to buy Petroleum For Russia, positively .

Lavrov said: “We will be ready to offer anything that India wants to buy from us.”.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Indian counterpart S. Jaisankar meets him this Friday, April 1st. AP

And despite the pressure – the Secretary of State United Kingdom, Liz Truss, Tried to change their posture and stand in line-, they did not let up. Instead, they are already considering options to avoid a siege.Rupee Card Network”.

Thus, whatever sentence it is executed : IndiaRussia’s back has been hidden for decades”.

This idea is supported Analyst Francisco Bellande. “India and Russia have been friends since the Soviet Union. At one point, they had a left-wing government that found an ally in the Soviet Union”.

This connection helps to balance the region and take it into account Pakistan – India had fierce armed conflicts with him – was China As an ally. So it depends on the supply of arms.

“In addition, India has a dictatorial government that Putin will never criticize.”.

But if New Delhi has the potential to maneuver today, it is because it is essential Informal groupingWhat Deepening strategic cooperation on issues related to security, technology and the economy Indirectly opposes China’s stability in the Indo-Pacific region”.

Therefore, it has gained many “high” audiences since its inception War between Russia and Ukraine.


Representatives from this include United States, Australia And JapanThe three countries that will be India’s partners in the Quad, officially The Ring safety conversation”.

Quad is ready to look beyond India’s denial, including four recent resolutions UNTo condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”.

India should be concerned about the closeness between China and Russia. Because it is important to remember that there are many problems in New Delhi and Beijing: for example, Casualties in the Himalayas and their forces as a result.

Mighty China

For some, this will greatly benefit from the war between Russia and Ukraine. He said Kremlin To face West Go back Beijing A privileged spectator watching his two biggest competitors show off their strong cards.

Of course, China is in the gray: it is calling for talks to resolve the crisis, and it is doing the same with the US and NATO as it is questioning Russia. That Xi Jinping They did not take the page, at least not in official conversation.

If that does not happen, it’s because he maintains his foreign policy of not interfering in the affairs of other countries. They do not like to be commented on by others about their relationship Taiwan, the rebel territory they want to join.

Russia relies on the West for its economic stagnation.

Meanwhile, China did not sit back and watch the conflict between the Kremlin and the West. Instead, he is trying to get closer to India and change the world order.

They recently proposed that their foreign minister should come to New Delhi: all they want is to meet Narendra Modi at the summit. BRICS, which will be hosted by Beijing “”.

This is not the only one. CNBC :

China has also proposed an ‘India-China Civilized Dialogue’ between the two countries and an India-China Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum.”.

Included in “Tone changeOf “” informationNationalist newspaper Global Times, mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China”, While reporting on India.

Last week, CNBC reported the Global Times :

China and India share common interests on many fronts. For example, Western countries have recently pointed to India for considering buying Russia oil at a lower price. But that is a legitimate right of India”.

Count Peruvian signologist Marco Carrasco Although the relationship between China and India is problematic due to border conflicts and boycotts, they have a great chance of reaching good agreements.

They say that a chain is as strong as its weak link and under quad and various parameters, India is very fragile. Unlike other countries, it is hesitant about some of the camp’s approaches”.

So flirts with Beijing.

Although relations with China have always been complex, their proximity and having economies with good prospects for the future create the need to work together.”.

Finally India can play from all three sides and that is what they are doing and China wants to take advantage. As it is a large nation, its position is crucial in this seemingly inevitable geopolitical transformation.”, Phrases Carrasco.