January 28, 2023

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Rumor: Nintendo is privacying Switch videos, leading to more Switch Pro speculation

Rumor: Nintendo is privacying Switch videos, leading to more Switch Pro speculation

We’ve been anticipating a potential Nintendo Switch successor for a long time now, and while we’ve received new models in the form of the Switch Lite and Switch OLED, the “Switch Pro” just hasn’t raised its head yet. Now, there’s more fuel for the fire, with development being seen on Nintendo’s YouTube channel as a potential indicator of news on the horizon. A new video from GameXplain (shown above) walks through this development and its possible outcomes.

As discovered by the user Lucas Mannack 22 On the Famiboards forums (confirmed later by the user milo), Nintendo has set two of the videos on its official North American channel private: trailers for the Switch Lite and Switch OLED. Previously, each of these videos was freely viewable by the public, but now they can not be found anywhere. It was indicated that Nintendo also made the Switch Lite trailer private shortly before revealing the Switch OLED, leading to speculation that they may now be doing the same in preparation for another new announcement. If true, they can make those videos private in order to focus all their efforts (and consumer attention) on something new.

We’re still in the middle of the “summer of games,” with many developers and publishers holding press conferences for new announcements and teaser videos. Nintendo still has to share anything beyond a direct private third party, as well as someone focused solely on Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Could they have something else up their sleeve, and could it be the announcement of new hardware of some sort? If so, could it be the Switch Pro, or even the Switch 2?

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Of course, making some YouTube videos private is hardly a confirmation of anything, and that could lead to nothing. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’ve come across false rumors of a new Nintendo console. But maybe, maybe, this time it could be different. Stay tuned as we eagerly await for more information!