March 28, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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“RRR”: Everything about India’s blockbuster that broke box office records is now a success on Netflix

An epic story that reflects the meeting of two great heroes of the Indian Revolution. (Netflix)

India’s film industry is very prosperous on this planet. Although much of that cinema did not reach the West, the power of that cinematography manifests itself in different forms each time. Like any other country, India has a greater diversity than many believe, and many call it Bollywood cinema without realizing that the word refers only to films made in Bombay. Frankly, Bollywood is a piece of Indian cinema. R.R.R.The blockbuster blockbuster movie is set to hit Netflix today with another Indian movie called Tollywood.

Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ram Charan) and Komaram Beem (ND Rama Rao Jr.) are the protagonists of this story. (Netflix)

Yes, it has a lot in common with pictures coming from other parts of the country. But Tollywood cinema is informally named after the language spoken in this professional area. India’s second most important language is Telugu and it is the combination of the word with Hollywood that gave it its name. These movies were made Hyderabad, Creating fury that had already begun to break boundaries, and helped some areas through streaming. But what kind of film is that? R.R.R. And what is the reason for its success?

The director of this production is SS Rajamouli.  (Netflix)
The director of this production is SS Rajamouli. (Netflix)

The film is an epic story that depicts the encounter between the two great heroes of the Indian Revolution in an exaggerated and fascinating way, but they do not meet in real life, but here they become irresistible allies.R.R.R. It shines for its excess, its passion, its ability to exaggerate a story worthy of great global myths. It contains all the elements called movies Spice, A common combination of genres commonly used in Indian cinema. Here we are talking about an epic film with elements of historical cinema, action films, some fantasy, always melodrama and obviously musical numbers. Bigger show than life. Cinema is understood to be a great hobby.

"R.R.R." It shines for its excess, its passion, its ability to exaggerate a story worthy of great global myths.  (Netflix)
“RRR” shines for its extravagance, its passion, and its ability to exaggerate a story worthy of the best universal myths. (Netflix)

The first three scenes of the film will not leave anyone indifferent. You have to understand that spice cinema is always exaggerated and above all logic and melodramatic. The opening scene shows the villains, the British, revealing their boundless evils in a film about revolutionaries. But the introduction of the two protagonists is coming. Each one individually, but unforgettable scenes in both. One, while working with the British, encounters a crowd surrounding a barracks. The other catches wild animals with astonishing courage. They are both like mythological heroes but set in the real world, especially in India in the early 20th century.

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These are two great characters Alluri Sitarama Raju (Ramcharan) Y Komaram Beam (ND Rama Rao Jr.), They represent all the nationalist sentiments of their country, but even for those who have no distant view of Indian history, the film acts as an unleashed fantasy. There is no superhero movie with aesthetic risk R.R.R. And this is not a project that does not see the world market. Dominance in India is already complex, and progress is dependent on expatriate Indians around the world who are able to impress the non-Indian public who rarely understand the symbols of that cinema. The title of the film is an example of a global ambition.

It contains all the ingredients known as masala films which are the usual mix of genres commonly used in Indian cinema.  (Netflix)
It contains all the ingredients known as masala films which are the usual mix of genres commonly used in Indian cinema. (Netflix)

R.R.R. Is an acronym used for major Indian languages ​​and English. In Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam, words like anger, war and blood have the same initials. Also in both Hindi and English, RRR stands for Rise Roar Rebellion. With such a simple resource, the film tells everyone that. Director, SS RajamouliSpecializes in these types of blockbusters, but this is his best film.

Anyone who accepts the rules of this great movie will enjoy it very much. That’s why the initial scenes are so important for setting up the game and showing where it is going to be described. Actors work for drama, action and dance. In that sense, the versatility of Indian film stars is comparable to that of classic Hollywood. In many respects, India has been around for a long time, but paradoxically, it makes its films like avant-garde today. Seeing and regretting is one thing R.R.R. On the TV screen, there was no opportunity to enjoy cinema. Pay a ticket and see something dazzling, surprise yourself, trust the imagination and enjoy the cinema.

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