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RPG Maker Unite ad for PC

RPG Maker Unite ad for PC

Gotcah Gotcha Games announced RPG Maker Unitethe most recent entry in a file role playing game Creation Tool Series. will launch for computer via steam and Unity Asset in 2022 worldwide.

Here is an overview of the tool, via Gotcha Gotcha Games:


RPG Maker Unite– Currently slated for a 2022 release on Windows and Mac – It will take advantage of the hugely popular Unity and aim to make RPG development easier and more fun for anyone than ever!

like the past maker Series titles RPG Maker Unite He will keep his unique code – = less nature that opens the dream to more people who want to become developers. Not only that, with Unity native support for mobile platforms, RPG Maker Unite It will become more convenient to provide users with options to easily expand the player base on a larger scale than ever before!

At Gotcha Gotcha Games, we sincerely wish to open the way for many creators to become a game developer, but the game development hurdles are falling backwards –RPG Maker Unite It is our last endeavor for this mission.

Feature guides

  • Create RPGs without coding – with the RPG Maker Powerful command system and in-chain editable parameters, users will be able to quickly create systems without any kind of code knowledge!
  • Nice resources for making compelling games – Simplify your game development even further with our asset library! From sound, characters, enemies, world biomes, and more, you can create a game right away!
  • Improved map editor – Want to improve your maps more than before? RPG Maker Unite It will also show support for pre-rendered backgrounds and object-oriented map structures. Upgrade your game presentation with our new tools!
  • It features a well-established and versatile database systemRPG Maker UniteLike its predecessors, it will also provide a pre-made database necessary for creating an RPG! It will include character stats, classes, items, abilities, monsters, and more! You can customize and add your entries to stand out!

Gotcha Gotcha Games has also announced that it will be hosting RPG Maker festival The sale is happening on Steam today through February 21 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET. The current sale will appear RPG Maker titles like RPG Maker MZ At a reduced price, as well Pixel Game Maker MV And many maker– Game-based titles, as well as the ‘Free Play’ campaign for users who want to get a glimpse of what RPG Maker String like.

Show first pictures of RPG Maker Unite in the exhibition.

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