April 1, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Rocket wreckage falls on India, scientists believe it came from China

Four metal spheres fell in a rural area India And, depending on its location, coincides with the path of a Space rocket Of China.

The Asian nation is once again in the grip of a storm after these bare metal spheres weighing approximately 5 kg fell on the state of Gujarat.

According to him Indian ExpressImpacts occurred last week: three open outdoor impacts, but ended near one house, however without major damage to consider.

Are they from China?

According to American astronomer Jonathan McDowell, these spheres are in the same place with the re-entry of the rocket. Long March 3B Of China.

“The third stage of the rocket Long March 3B The Y86 series, which launched the ZX-9B communications satellite in September 2021, re-entered today at 0900-1200 UTC, ”McDowell tweeted on May 12. “The orbital parameters are somewhat uncertain due to the high elliptical orbit with very low perigee (approximately 100 km) that can change speed due to atmospheric drag.

These spheres may be storage tanks for liquid rocket fuel.

On April 2, several objects fell, including a large metal ring, in a rural village in western India. The details of the event have not been confirmed by the Indian Space Agency.

In May 2021Remnants of the Long March 5B rocket with a core position approximately 30 m long and 5 m wide After several days of speculation it fell into the Indian OceanAnd silence China, About where the garbage will land. NASA has criticized China “For failing to meet responsible standards regarding its space debris.”

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