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Rise Place Wonder Franco, Kevin Kiermayer, Jeffrey Springs, injured list

Rise Place Wonder Franco, Kevin Kiermayer, Jeffrey Springs, injured list

July 10: Rays has officially announced that Franco and Kermayer have been placed in IL for 10 days, while left-handed Jeffrey Springs He was placed on IL for 15 days due to narrowing of the lower right leg. Valid Calvin Foucher He was also selected to Triple-A Durham. To take over those four spots on the list, they have already summoned Raleigh and Aranda, in addition to the left Josh Fleming and right Phoenix Sanders.

July 9: Rays lost two regular members of the injured list for 10 days, as Franco’s walk And the Kevin Kiermayer Both have been marginalized. as such I mentioned earlierFranco left today’s match due to an injury to his right hand and wrist area, and the coach Kevin Cash For reporters (including Mark Tobkin of the Tampa Bay Times) that the initial diagnosis is that the injury is associated with Franco’s osteosarcoma. Franco will visit doctors on Monday to determine the extent of the problem, and if surgery is required, he may be out for approximately 6-8 weeks.

Franco had to be removed after his first strike, the first against him Hunter Green. On the last second court of the board appearance, Franco looked shaky after fouling a fast ball from Greene, and was substituted on the field at the bottom of the half.

Kiermayer played most of Saturday’s 5-4 defeat to the Reds, as the midfielder was replaced with a hitter after scoring a solo in the ninth game. However, during the match, Kiermayer experienced more discomfort in his left thigh – and that same problem forced Kiermayer to go to Elle in late June, though he only missed at least 10 days before it could be activated.

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Given the recurring nature of the hip problem, it seems likely that Kiermayer will miss more than 10 days, although the upcoming All-Star break could cover four days of Elle’s period. Unless the Rays want to keep an eye on Kiermaier to make sure his hip ache is completely behind him, Kiermaier could be activated as early as July 22, when the Rays begin the second half with a series in Kansas City.

Even if Franco managed to avoid surgery, he would still need at least a few weeks of recovery time. The .260/.308/.396 Year Two star has racked up 247 appearances for the board this season – still above average (1o4 wRC+) production, but of course a disappointment given the high expectations created by Franco’s outstanding and excellent 2021 status. Rookie season. Franco got off to a great start before quadruple injuries hampered his game in May, and that quadruple problem eventually sent him to IL for four weeks.

Tobkin wrote that player Luke Raleigh and player Jonathan Aranda They are likely to be called up to replace Franco and Kermayer on the active roster. Aranda made his MLB debut in coffee cup style earlier this season, playing two games. Likely to interfere Taylor WallsThe role of escort, where Walls will likely resume her short daily duties (as he did during Franco’s last tenure in IL).

Raleigh is also a left-handed hitter, and in that sense, he’s an easy replacement for Kirmayer in the Tampa Bay mix. However, there is clearly no way to easily replace Kirmayer’s defense around the world, through support Britt Phillips He’s a solid defender in his own right (even if the right field is Phillips’ best outside position from a glove point of view). Philips and Josh Lowe They are the candidates most likely to tackle Center Square during Kiermayer’s exit, and Vidal Brogan Also numbers to slide in the middle. Manuel Margo Out until at least late August due to patellar tendon strainAnd while we’re optimistic Margot will play again in 2022, anything he can contribute in the future could be seen as a bonus.

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While neither Franco nor Kiermayer has topped the plate this season, their double absences will likely intensify Rays’ already obvious need for more help at Deadline. Especially if Franco is sidelined until September, Tampa will need more consistent production from the squad if the team is to qualify for both the pre-season and then become a legitimate contender in October. As usual, Rays isn’t likely to break the bank on a new acquisition, but depth of position player (whether it’s a day name or a part-time multi-position) certainly seems like a priority.